Vacation from church?

When you and your family go on vacation do you take a vacation from church? Or do you visit a local church where you’re vacationing?

Vacation from Church
Vacation from Church

I want to give you some food for thought. I hope that while you are on vacation you can stay in fellowship with believers. I hope that you can find a Bible Believing, Bible Preaching church while you are on vacation and visit with them. You could end up getting fed with something new and coming back with new fellow Christian friends.

I hope that if I ever go on vacation and go out of town that I can visit a local Bible believing & preaching church. I will make it an effort to try to find a near by local church, that I could join in on their services. This way I can stay fresh in the word and fellowship and praise.

I also hope that when you are on vacation that you will still witness, hand out gospel tracts or Gospel of Johns and visit a local Bible Believing, Bible Preaching church.

I want to hear from you. When you go on vacation, do you find a church to visit while you are vacation or do you skip church and enjoy your vacation and take a break from church too? Your comments are welcome!


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2 thoughts on “Vacation from church?

  1. Church IS vacation! It’s the only place I can go to feel peace, happiness, joy and love. It’s better than the beach, the mountains and a five-star hotel. Who wants to get away from someone/something they’re in love with? Crazy question!!!

  2. You’re right church is exactly where they need to go for a vacation. My blog post was about those if you go on vacation do you go to a church there or do you not go to church at all while on vacation.

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