Bow Tie Day

Bow Tie Day – A Day to dress up and wear the bow shaped tie. #BowTieDay

Bow Tie Day

We have a lot of men in our church wear bow ties with their suits. Prom or a wedding is when guys will wear a bow tie with a tuxedo. However, did you know this tie has it’s own day … Bow Tie Day. However the bow tie is no longer part of formal wear, but casual wear.

Bow Tie Day

How to Tie a Bow Tie

I do not know how to tie a bow tie knot. I do have a couple of bow ties. I am not a tie person really because they are constricting around the neck. Below is a video on how to tie a bow tie knot.

But Bow Tie Day is held annually on August 28.

So dress up and wear a bow tie!

According to Awareness Day The design was created on the basis of the Croatian soldiers’ necktie, the kept their collars of the shirts together.The bow ties became an instant hit in 1886, when a tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard wore one with his new style of formal wear to the Tuxedo Club.

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