A Cactus Point of View

A Cactus Point of View – I’m going to write about being what it would be like if I was a cactus. #Cactus

I would imagine that I would have a dry sense of humor because I live in the desert with a little water. However I would be very sharp and prickly.

A Cactus Point of View - I’m going to write about being what it would be like if I was a cactus. #Cactus (pexels-photo-2749600)

Unlike like if I were human I could go a while without water. I would be in a dry sandy, rocky area. If I could paint, maybe I could paint some kindness rocks to put down beside me.

Did you know there are some 1,750 known species of cactus.

I guess I would use my needles to defend myself from predators. Ouch! My needles are sharp! I am glad God gave me these prickly needles for protection.

However, once in awhile, someone will come and take a part of me off. Sometimes they will eat me, other times, they will plant me back into the soil. When the replant me, I have formed another version of me.

Watch out world! There are more of me, the cactus!

This came about by this writing prompt below. I figured I would do some creative writing as well.

140. Cactus: Write from the viewpoint of a cactus. What’s it like to live in the desert or have a prickly personality?

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