Airline allows you to cuddle kittens before your flight

Airline allows you to cuddle kittens before your flight. To help calm your nerve of flying, you can cuddle a kitten just before you take flight on an airplane. How cool does that sound?

Airline allows you to cuddle kittens before your flight

Many airports like Charlotte Douglas International Airport allows a de-stressing of “Kitten Cuddle”. (Kittens are from from CMPD Animal Care and Control)

Even Denver International Airport is home to the Canine Airport Therapy Squad, or CATS, in which volunteers walk around with pups (and one cat!) with the words “Pet Me” on their vests.


San Francisco International Airport, the Wag Brigade brings trained therapy dogs and a pig named LiLou

That is just a few of the many airports.

Bradley International Airport in Connecticut has also introduced furry friends.

They say this helps with the pre-flight jitters and anxiety that comes with flying in an airplane.

Most of the places where cats or even dogs are used have volunteers who will help educate passengers about adoption of animals that are currently waiting in shelters for their furever homes.

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