Adam and Eve | Skit Guys

Adam and Eve one of the very first stories found in the Bible after Creation in the book of Genesis. Check out how Tommy and Eddie of the Skit Guys tell the story of Adam and Eve. (Video below)

by The Skit Guys

The world’s oldest and most cherished love story just got a little bit awkward. See what happens when Tommy throws on a wig and offers Eddie an apple!

Adam and Eve

The Skit Guys get in a debate on they wonder how Adam wooed Eve.

I saw the Adam & Eve skit from Skit Guys not too long ago. It is a very funny skit. I got to volunteer at the YEC 2016. The Skit Guys were there. They asked you to vote for your favorite Skit Guys skit. I tweeted Adam and Eve. Guess what! They done the Adam and Eve Skit at YEC 2016! That made this YEC Volunteer happy!

It was rather cool to see these guys live! They are very funny!

The video with this blog post is not the one they did at YEC, but it is very similar as they use the same script. I am sure you can find more of these videos of the same skit at other places. Plus you can see other skits they do as well.

Adam and Eve | Skit Guys

You can read about the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:4-25 & Genesis 3:1-24. That is just two chapters in the Bible, a short read!

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