A Craaazy Good Time At Cooter’s

Cooter's Place
Cooter’s Place

I grew up as a young boy watching the Dukes of Hazzard. With Bo and Luke Duke. There was even Uncle Jessie and Daisy Duke. There was also Boss Hog and Sheriff Roscoe Roscoe P Coltrane and even Cooter Davenport. Do you remembered Cooter saying on the CB radio saying, “Craaazy Cooter comin’ at ya!

Cooter’s Place is in Gatlinburg, TN and I have always wanted to visit but never did. I never know what it was about thinking it was just a Duke Boy Museum. Until I requested a visit to do a review. It was when I got my tickets I noticed it was more, they have go-garts and mini-golf!

Did you know The Dukes of Hazzard ran for 7 seasons and ended in 1985.

My daughter, 17 years old, said, Daddy you are excited over some tickets aren’t you?”

Cooter Davenport: Breaker One, Breaker One, I might be crazy, but I ain’t dumb! Craaazy Cooter comin’ at ya! Ya’ll out there on the Hazzard net? Come on?

My Visit to Cooter’s

I went for my visit on Friday, June 26, 20015. I took my daughter and a friend of the family, Kati with us. We all enjoyed it, but I think we enjoyed the go-karts the most.

I found out that Cooter’s Place is more than a museum filled with The Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia but also a store with all kinds of things for the biggest Duke fan. Even a die cast 1/18 General Lee. Also note there is a limited supply left that will still make with the Rebel Flag on the car as the place that currently makes them will stop putting the Rebel Flag on the car. I do know most stores have pulled Rebel flag items but not Ben Jones (who played Cooter) in the show. He will keep and sell Rebel flag stuff. Jones has said on social media, “That flag on top of the General Lee made a statement that the values of the rural South were the values of courage and family and good times,” He has also said that it is not racists either. Just like Christianity is under attack so is stuff like the Rebel flag. But the Rebel flag is just that a flag and a symbol. We do as a Nation need to take our focus off stuff like this and put it back on God.


Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg, TN is filled with 3 floors of Crazy Fun! From seeing a General Lee and all kinds of merchandise for the Duke Fan.  Not to mention you can race around Hazzard County and the Boars Nest in go-karts. Then you can also tour Hazzard County playing Mini-golf. I plan to share my experience in this review.

Museum & Gift Shop

Cooter’s Place is filled with Memorabilia throughout the 3 story building in Gatlinburg. It is said this is the World’s Largest Dukes of Hazzard store. Cooter’s Place also has indoor mini-golf that takes you up to the third floor. Plus the go-karts that are on the second floor!

[pullquote]”Craaazy Cooter comin’ at ya!”[/pullquote]

Tons of Stuff

There was tons of stuff that was cool in both. Posters and info about each of the Dukes. I did notice that the other cousins Lance and Coy Duke wasn’t mention there. It even talked about Uncle Jessie on one poster it said he was said to have kept the 10 Commandments. (Which as Christian we know is a lie, only Jesus Can keep all of them). Plus Uncle Jessie raised his nephews and nieces on a little of the Bible it said on one poster. We should be raising our families on a lot of the Bible.

Gift Shop

There was a cool item in the gift shop. It was an actual belt that was done up with the “01” on it and it reminded me of the old timey seat belts I grew up wearing. Some of the items in the gift shop was a bit pricey.


Before you go to the go-karts you will need to buy your tickets and get your racing slot set. If you already have tickets, then you need to turn your tickets in and get your racing slot set. My group was in the Boards Nest group. They have several slots and mostly used based on items or people in the TV show. I was hoping to be in a General Lee Go-Kart, but they put you in the cars as you come in based on where they were parked. Our friend Kati got placed in the General Lee car.

Steve in a General Lee Go-Kart at Cooter's
Steve in a General Lee Go-Kart at Cooter’s

They go over the rules and how to use the go-karts etc. Plus, they make sure you are buckled in and the height requirements are met. There are restrictions on age and height. Then when it is all set to go, the green light comes on and we can race around the Gas pumps like Roscoe and the Dukes did in the TV show.

Short Track

The Track is a short track. It is also a slick track. They add baby powder on it. You can drift and more, but make sure you don’t bump another car or run into the sides railings. However, you can’t keep the car wide open either.

We had 8 people I believe when we were on the go-karts. I think 3 or so would be ideal, less likely to run into someone or bump someone. Bumping is not allowed. These are not bumper cars!

They give you 7 minutes of racing time. Waiting for our turn, it seemed a bit longer than 7 minutes. Even when we were racing it seemed longer than 7 minutes. I am not sure if you spin out and they have to blow the whistle for you to stop if that time stops or counts.

But I do believe my party thinks this was the best part of the experience was the go-carts.


Steve at Cooter's Playing Mini-Golf at the General Lee Hole
Steve at Cooter’s Playing Mini-Golf at the General Lee Hole

You can also play an 18 Hole mini-golf starting at the bottom floor and to the upper levels. You end up on the third floor. Just like most mini-golf they have challenging shots you have to maneuver. It was fun to play mini-golf. The putting area is indoors of Cooter’s Place.

You also got to pick which ball you used playing mini-golf and the putter you used. They had all kinds. My daughter enjoyed it because she got a camo golf ball to play with.

Keeping Score?

We did keep score. I got a 53. My daughter a 63 and Kati a 68. It was interesting to see what the next hole would be like. What challenges it had. To think how will I hit the ball into the hole. Wait? where is the hole? There it is!

Can you get a hole-in-one? None of us did in the whole 18 holes at Cooter’s.

One other thing, they play the same song over and over and over and over again while we were up stairs playing mini-golf. That was kind of crazy.

Picture with General Lee

The family pack pass included a picture of us with the General Lee. I got to be in the driver’s seat in the picture too! That was fun! The only thing I didn’t like was the picture we got was a small 4×6 and the print out was poor quality. It had banning lines in it. It looked like it was printed from an ink jet printer with the way the banning was. The picture you get is not like other attractions.

But at least you still get a picture with the General Lee right?

The Staff

All of the staff we encountered was very friendly and helpful. There was just one staff, that I wasn’t sure about and that was the guy that took our photo. He didn’t seem to know much about what goes on.

The guys in the race pit was very friendly. I believe the most friendly of all of the staff we encountered at Cooter’s.

Final thoughts

I will point out that the to play mini-golf it is not ADA compliant. As you had to take stairs to go up. Plus, how they golf was set up. There is a note on the score for mini-golf to play at your own risk. One thing I did notice It was kind of warm in the store, the go-kart area and up in the mini-golf area.

Mini-Golf & Go-Karts

It has been ages since I have played mini-golf or been on a go-kart. I did have a blast. The museum brought me back to the time of a child and when I watched The Dukes of Hazzard on TV. They even played episodes throughout the place. It was a fun experience. I enjoyed the go-karts a lot and so did my daughter and our friend, Kati.

Our Picture with the General Lee!

Also when we  went to get the picture of us with the General Lee, we still had 2 more Go-Karts and 2 more Mini-Golfs to go on our family pass. I believe we could have still used them up, but they collected the ticket I had after we went to get the photo. I was hoping to find a family that had 2 people and tell them to enjoy the rest of the pass, but they took it up. That or if I knew they would have taken it up like that. Since we had three people in our group choose to see who sat out while the other two enjoyed another race in the go-karts and then also do the same when playing mini-golf.

Cooter's Place with the General Lee 01 Group Picture
Cooter’s Place with the General Lee 01 Group Picture


Back Roads

Also it pays to know the back roads to get into Gatlinburg! I used the back roads to from Jefferson City, TN to Gatlinburg, TN. It doesn’t take all that long, just the back roads are curvy as can be. That is because they are more mountainy roads.

I would like to go back again and ride these go-karts for sure! Plus, I might do the mini-golf again too. Not to mention, I am glad I got to know there was more to Cooter’s than just a Museum. It is also an attraction with go-karts and mini-golf all in Gatlinburg.

Some other thoughts

My daughter said it was very hot inside and they need to make it where people in wheelchairs can get around.

Kati said it was fun and pretty neat and the people were very friendly. She also told me she would go back again plus she also liked the tidbits of info about the Dukes that was throughout the place, she found them interesting. Kati also said she liked the memorabilia throughout. But, she really liked the General Lee.

I believe other than the go-karts and seeing some of the memorabilia that made me feel like a child again and reminded me of watching the TV show. Not to mention, I enjoyed getting to sit in the driver’s seat of the General Lee and getting a photo. Take the family and go to Cooter’s. Go before Roscoe cuffs ya and stuffs ya.


There are three locations you can go to. But you can’t do the same thing at all the locations. Each offers a unique experience. It is also free to come into the museum and look around.

  1. Nashville, TN
  2. Gatlinburg, TN
  3. Sperryville, VA

If you go, tell them at Cooter’s you saw this review at Courageous Christian Father.

For more information visit: cootersplace.com

I was given a family pass to view Cooter’s in Gatlinburg, TN. It had 5 go-karts and 5 rounds of golf plus one picture with the General Lee. This pass was given to me to do this review. This review is an unbiased review too.

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