5 hours

I know people always say they are too busy but you mean God gave you life and you cannot sacrifice at least 5 hours a week. A week has 168 total hours.

5 Hours
5 Hours

I know we all get times of boredom etc. what do we do in those times? What should we do in those time is study Gods Word. Remember Bible says pray without ceasing. Prayer is a constant communication with God.

Don’t you think we should give more than just the 5 hours a week for church or at least make time for God cause He always makes time for you directly.

Can you make extra time to study? pray? Witness? Sharing your testimony? Giving out tracts? Reading Bible? Serving other people? Evangelism Training and what ever else you can do spend time with God or share with others about God?

Remember Gods work is never finished. We are commanded to tell others about Christ. Who have you told lately about Christ?

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