30 Vapor Rub Uses

30 Vapor Rub Uses – That menthol rub we usually apply to our chest when we have a head cold or congestion also has other uses. Check out this list of 30 uses of  Vapor Rub. #VaporRub

30 Vapor Rub Uses

Below is a list of other things to use Vapor Rub for. The most common brand is Vick’s Vapor Rub. (There are generics too)

30 Vapor Rub Uses - That menthol rub we usually apply to our chest when we have a head cold or congestion also has other uses. Check out this list of 30 uses of  Vapor Rub. #VaporRub
  1. Sore throat – rub on throat (neck) and wrap with a warm clean sock.
  2. Chest Congestion – Acts as a decongestant by rubbing on chest and under each nostril.
    • I know this one works well. I do it. It will cause my nose to run
  3. Nasal Congestion – Same as above for chest congestion.
  4. Coach – rub generously on feet and cover with socks to help minimize coughing

  1. Sore Muscles – rub generously on sore muscles.
    • I think it might be the menthol because muscle cream has menthol too.
  2. Headaches – Rub small amount on your temples and forehead
    • I know I use muscle cream this way for mine, I bet this would work too because of the menthol I am guessing
  3. Sinus Headache  – It is said to breath in deeply from the can. You can also apply to your temples and forehead, like mentioned above. You may also apply some under your nostrils too.
  4. Ear Aches – apply a small amount to a cotton ball and place in ear to relieve pain.
  5. Nail Fungus – Rub on toenail with fungus. The nail will turn a dark color as it kills the fungus. Dark color will go away as the nail grows out.
  6. Mosquito Repellent – Rub a small amount to exposed skin.
    • I also heard certain dryer sheets do this too.
  7. Itchy Bug Bites – Rub on bite and cover with band-aid.
  8. Cat Scratching Deterrent – Cats don’t like the smell. Apply to furniture, walls, curtains, etc. you don’t want scratched.
    • I am guessing again it’s the menthol.
  9. Pet Chewing Deterrent – Put some on the area where your dog likes to chew. The smell should make them not want to chew in said area.
  10. Potty Train Pets – Put some near the area he or she likes to mark as their territory. The smell will discourage them from going there.
  11. Humidify your Sleep  – Some humidifiers allow you to add vapor rub. Check with your model before doing this.
  12. Ticks and Bugs – If you get bitten by a tick, apply vapor rub immediately. The smell helps to get rid of the bug and it stop bothering you.
  13. Keeps Horse In Line – Professional racers smother VapoRub under the nostrils of racehorses on race day. The strong stench deters the stallions from the alluring odor of the female pony and keeps them focused on the race.
  14. Feet Care  – Put some on your feet, put on old clean socks. Wash your feet in the morning and use a promising stone to get rid of dead and dry skin.
  15. Dry Skin Care – Just like mentioned above, it is great for dry skin.
  16. Athletes Feet  – Apply to feet two times  day.
  17. Reduces Stretch Marks – Apply to the area, use regularly, soon you will see them easy up or disappear.
  18. Bruises – Apply to your bruised area to help with healing.
  19. Swelling – Apply to swollen area to help reduce swelling.
  20. Acne & Pimples – Apply to face, acne and pimpled area to help reduce breakouts. Must be persistent.
  21. Cuts – Helps heal cuts faster by applying vapor rub on cut. It has antiseptic properties.
  22. Bad Smells – It is said that doctors, nurses and nursery workers will apply to under the nose so they won’t have to smell bad smells, like body order, poopy diapers, body parts, etc.
  23. Tennis Elbow – Helps with reduce the pain associated with tennis elbow.
  24. Pain – Just like mentioned above, helps reduce pain.
  25. Cry on Command – Helps to produce tears. Just apply under your eyes.
    • Use caution here, it can cause your eyes to burn, especially if you get too close.
  26. Reduce Eczema – Apply to the area helps rid itchiness and inflammation associated with eczema.

Do you know of any more uses?

Feel free to share in the comments below. You may also comment on your experience in using vapor rub.

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Some of these uses are what people or places state you can use them for. Use them at your own risk. Some people to react differently to vapor rubs. Use caution when applying to children too. Keep in mind some people may be allergic to ingredients contained in the vapor rub. Not all vapor rubs may be made the same. It is best to do a test area before doing huge amounts to the body. If you doubt, consult your doctor as well. 

Uses for other items

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Coffee Grounds
  3. Coke
  4. Drinking Straws
  5. Duct Tape for Dad
  6. Fallen Leaves
  7. Tea Grounds (Tea Bags)
  8. Vapor Rub

Use this list at your own risk. These are just ones I found online and wanted to share. With any health treatment (medical use), ask your doctor before trying. Some soils and plants do not like this method. As with tea grounds or coffee grounds, flavored versions may not work like plain.

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