Your Church Needs a website

Today, people are using the internet to search for everything … including where to worship. That is why your church needs a website.

You will need to make sure it is search engine friendly. That means it must be able to be searched using a search engine.

On your website, you will need to include ….

  • Name of Church (Who you are)
  • Doctrine of Belief
  • When You Meet
  • Where You Meet
  • Contact Info
  • What you Offer
  • Sermons (Videos, Notes, Audios)
  • Events (List of special events)
  • Social Media (list of church’s social media)
  • Any other things you feel your church should share
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Having a church website will help people looking for a church to find you easier. That way they can do their research about what you believe, where you are located and when you meet. Plus more!

Your church also needs on social media!

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