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Whether to rely on God, Man or Animal for Weather

Whether to rely on God, Man or Animal for Weather – In 2013, I heard on the radio, K-Love, a man is doing to sue the groundhog because the groundhog predicting an early spring that year and the we didn’t get an early spring either. A lot of cold weather and snow in most areas that year. This man was relying on the animal to predict instead of replying on God.

Whether to rely on God, Man or Animal for Weather

Did you know the first recorded Groundhog Day came out of a diary from February 4, 1841. February 2nd Marks Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day, based on a legend! This legend says that if on that morning the groundhog sees its shadow we will have six more weeks of winter, however if it cannot see its shadow that spring is on its way. Learn more about the origins of Groundhog Day.

As we know from above, this is not true! A groundhog cannot control the weather.

Groundhog Day Whether to rely on God, Man or Animal for Weather

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Yes, animals act a little different based on weather change even like our local radio station has a horse to seems able to predict snow.

Yes even our bodies can react to weather changes too. Often when it is going to rain or storm, our joints and muscles can feel it coming. Or even colder weather coming too.

But who controls the weather?

God controls the weather. He is the one that created the Heavens and the Earth as Genesis 1:1 says. This came from the beginning of time. God also tells us this in Genesis 8:22.

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

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Remember God sent the rains back in Noah’s time for the flood. He has used weather in the past in the point of judgment against various nations.

A lot of us reply on a man or a woman to give us weather as well. Those predictions based on scientific evaluation it is never accurate either. Animal and man are not 100% accurate. What to know the weather tune into God. He is 100% accurate and knows the weather forecast ahead accurately. What a change in the weather? Seek God and ask Him for the change. Use the personal relationship we have with Him to seek the weather. God will provide. God wants us to depend on Him and come to Him with all our needs.

Look at Elijah he prayed for no rain and no rain fell and it did not rain for three and half years because of Elijah’s earnest prayer. (See James 5:17 & 1 Kings 17:1-15)

Yes, it may be fun to hear a horse forecast for snow (Gunner’s Horse Forecast from WIVK) or even if we will have an early spring or not based on a shadow of a groundhog, but use it as entertainment only.  We can see weather forecast that a man or a woman predicts but we can use it as an estimate of what will happen.

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Check out the Origins of Groundhog Day


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