What is Darkness?

What is Darkness? – In order to know what Light is, we must learn what darkness is. #Darkness

What is Darkness?

I am doing a new series Friday Night Lights to help shine the light on things and why not shine light on darkness. After all the darker things are the brighter a light will shine. It is the absent of light.

In the Bible it has a meaning of evil and sinfulness. Not to mention it carries a message of everything anti-God, because God is light and there is nothing dark about God either. (1 John 1:5). Being without God.

Plus it can mean everlasting separation of God, like that after Judgement Day that were cast in hell into the Lake of Fire (Outer darkness). Wait, I thought hell was on fire! It is a lake of fire. It is so hot that is black. You cannot see it! But you will sure feel it. The meaning is a double fold there, as it also talks about meaning misery in hell.

What is Darkness?


Strongs #G4653

This blog post pretty much sums up the meaning! Do you have anything you wish to share or add, feel free to do that in the comments below.

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