Truth About Starbucks & Traditional Marriage Customers

Truth About Starbucks & Traditional Marriage Customers: I have been seeing a bunch of stuff surface about how the CEO Howard Schultz of Starbucks said if you support traditional marriage, One Man, One Woman. The One Man, One Woman Marriage is the stance that many Christians stand on.

Truth About Starbucks & Traditional Marriage Customers

Starbucks Corp. CEO Howard Schultz
Starbucks Corp. CEO Howard Schultz

What I heard was that he said that he doesn’t want your business at Starbucks if you support Traditional Marriage. So I done some digging. Below is an example of what is going around. This email has been around since 2013. (2 years now at the time of posting this blog post.)

Breaking News: Starbucks moves even farther left and tells traditional marriage supporters we don’t want your business.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz just said at their annual meeting that If you support traditional marriage, we don’t want your business. He told a shareholder to sell his shares if he supported traditional marriage and didn’t like Starbucks stance against it. So let’s get this straight. If you support the 5000 year old tradition that marriage is between one man and one woman, you can’t buy shares in his far left radical company that sells designer $7.00 Grande Decaf Lattes? Done! I’ll take a Chick Fil-A and their 99 cent coffee instead.

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According to Snopes this is a mixture of true and false. Below is what CEO Schultz did say.

Howard Schultz said supporters of traditional marriage were not allowed to be Starbucks stockholders or desired as Starbucks customers.

So it is partially true according to Snopes. I think this just resurfaced with the recent supreme court rulings allowing same-sex marriages.

But actually Schults was telling any share holders that if they supported Traditional Marriage to sale their shares and go to another company. Most people implied that Starbucks doesn’t want your business if you support Traditional Marriage.

Here is what JoeMiller.Us says he said.

Schultz told him “You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company” if he did not agree with the company’s pro-gay marriage stand.

It was never said nor implied, but I am sure it can be implied if you look at it at another angle. If he doesn’t want share holders who support traditional marriage, then why would he want customers that support traditional marriage?

I support Traditional Marriage of One Man, One Woman and that doesn’t want me to use Starbucks. I rarely use them anyways since they are over priced.

Implied or not, said or not, Starbucks does support Same-Sex Marriage, which goes against Biblical teachings of God’s Word. That is up to you if you decide to patron a business that supports something that goes against God’s Word.

But again, it was only addressed to the share holders to sell their shares if they supported traditional marriage.

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