Tony Evans – I am Second

This is the I am Second testimonial video of Tony Evans, Christian Pastor and also has syndication on TV and Radio. #TonyEvans

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Tony Evans – I am Second

Tony Evans – I am Second

This is the I am Second testimonial video of Tony Evans. Evans is a Christian Pastor.  He was born in Baltimore, MD. Evans is also on TV and Radio via a syndicated series.

I am Second shows video testimonies for celebrities. They use a dark room setting and a white chair to sit on and a light on them to share their testimony.

Do you define yourself by the standards of others? It is easy to be put in a category that forces you into a box where the freedom of being yourself is too large to fit. So the question is, do you accept it?

Raised in urban Baltimore, Tony Evans often found himself struggling with the idea that he could only go so far and only do so much because of who people said he was. He could not settle on what people said he had become. So, as he searched for significance he found a new point of reference from which he defined himself. “What others thought and how others felt about me became irrelevant.”  His journey will open a new door, shining a new light on how special and significant you are, despite what others think.1

I am Second Logo
I am Second Logo

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1. I am Second

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