Toddler’s Prayer Capture on Baby Monitor

A Toddler’s Prayer that was captured on a baby monitor goes to show we are never tool old to prayer or in this case too young to pray. Check out this Facebook video shared by Kathryn Whitt. This was just recently the 24th of January 2016.

We put Sutton to bed about an hour ago and then heard noise coming from her room. We turned on her baby monitor and found her praying! Wish we could have gotten the whole thing recorded. You’ve got to watch this! So sweet!!!

Posted by Kathryn Whitt on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Toddler’s Prayer Capture on Baby Monitor

Kathryn Whitt of Seneca, SC heard talking coming through their baby monitor. Their daughter Sutton, 2 years old, was saying her prayers and naming off people including her parents, grandparents and even Santa Claus. Sutton’s parents said this prayer was not rehearsed and it was a long prayer too.

Sutton Whitt's Toddler's Prayer caught on Baby Monitor

Whitt’s said they forgot to do their nightly prayer with Sutton. So Sutton done her own. The Whitt’s wished they could have recorded the whole prayer, but only got the last about two minutes of the prayer.

Sutton even prayed for her parents several times and ended with a loud Amen.

When I posted this article on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 there has been over 562,000. views. Check out the video.

Bible tells us we must come to God like a child, no greater example then children when they worship or pray to God and Sutton is a great example. See Matthew 18:2-4

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Nancy burke
Nancy burke
January 26, 2016 23:27 PM

This is so very sweet! This is a little prayer warrior OWM…. I want to be on her prayer list. Precious<3.