Tips for visiting a store Santa

Tips for visiting a store Santa – Discover the ways to make a visit with Santa a pleasant experience.

Tips for visiting a store Santa

Tips for visiting a store Santa - Discover the ways to make a visit with Santa a pleasant experience.

Christmastime is filled with many different traditions. Many people decorate their homes with Christmas trees, and songs are sung with family members who come from near and far to share gifts and companionship.

Families with young children often make visiting Santa Claus a part of their annual traditions. During the holiday season, Santa can be found taking up residence in department stores and malls across the country. Thousands of children and their parents will wait in line to get some face time with jolly old St. Nick. The following are a handful of ways to make kids’ visits with Santa even more pleasant.

  • Do a test run. If your child has not taken a photo with Santa before, he or she may be frightened and the result will be a poor photograph. The beard and the red coat coupled with the fact that kids are sitting on a stranger’s lap can be terrifying for youngsters. Acclimate your child to the experience by visiting the mall to see Santa and become familiar with what he looks like and how he acts. It may take a couple of visits before your child is ready to wait in line for the real visit.
  • Go off-peak. Visit Santa when the store just opens or when lines are not as long, such as during school hours or dinner time. This should cut down on the wait and create a less tense experience. Confirm visiting hours so you don’t arrive only to find he’s out to lunch or feeding his reindeer. Do not schedule anything after the Santa visit, so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing so neither you nor the kids will be uncomfortable. The goal is to look nice for the photo, but not at the expense of the children’s comfort level. And while you should be comfortable as well, be sure to look presentable, in the event you have to hop into the photo if that’s the only way your son or daughter will tolerate the experience
  • Pack some supplies. Bring snacks and drinks for the kids so hunger does not make them antsy. Bring along a change of clothes in case someone spills food or spits up before your turn.
  • Get Santa recommendations. Ask friends, family, and neighbors which Santas they visit. Many stores will have a Santa on hand, but not every Santa is as adept at handling children. You want someone who is used to making children feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Make sure Buddy the Elf isn’t there! I had to add that one in here! We all know what happened with his first experience seeing a Store Santa.
  • It’s Okay to Tell Them It’s A Store Santa! Yes, it is okay to tell them, this is a Store Santa, one of Santa’s helpers and works for Santa and can get the message to him. 

Also note 2020, may be different due to social distancing and the coronavirus pandemic on how visiting Santa Claus works. Check with your local stores or place where Santa Claus will be at.

Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments below!

Above all, try to have a good time and don’t expect perfection. Sometimes the best Santa-visit moments are the ones that are unrehearsed.

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First published December 11, 2018. Last updated or republished November 27, 2019.

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