The Journey – Deny Yourself and Take Up Your Cross

On My way home from work on June 29, 2012 (Friday) I passed a young man carrying a cross. I first saw the church van with a note Caution The Journey. As I passed by, I saw a young man and two other men walking down the street. The one young man was carrying a cross. I was like this is neat. It reminded me of the movie The Cross, a story about Arthur Blessitt who carried a cross just like this one across the world.

I was on my way home, I was in New Market heading toward Jefferson City, I was going to go home then to Bible Study. So I turned around, passed them, turned around again and pulled off to a side street and waited for them to get near me. Once they got closer I stopped and asked to take a picture of them and ask some questions. So they allowed me to take a picture. They even took a few pictures and posted it on their churches Facebook page, Oasis Church.

New Market, TN is a town between Knoxville, TN and Jefferson City, TN. He was just past the Strawberry Plains area just inside the New Market area.

THe Oasis Church Caution The Journey Van near New Market June 29, 2012 off IIE (Andrew Johnson Hwy)
THe Oasis Church Caution The Journey Van near New Market June 29, 2012 off IIE (Andrew Johnson Hwy)

They were on Highway 11E (Andrew Johnson Highway) close to New Market. They were heading toward Jefferson City for the night.

While talking to this young man, I found out his name is Junior Garcia. This 19-year old started in Saginaw, Texas on June 7, 2012. He is going to end in Washington, DC (District of Columbia) on July 13, 2012. Junior is carrying a 12-foot cross on a 37 day, it is a 1,380-mile journey to the nation’s capital.  He was on his way to his next rest stop for the night, Jefferson City, Tennessee.

Junior also told me he got to talk to Arthur as well.

Junior Garcia on The Journey near New Market, TN on June 29, 2012 off 11E (Andrew Johnson Hwy)
Junior Garcia on The Journey near New Market, TN on June 29, 2012 off 11E (Andrew Johnson Hwy)

I believe this is so inspirational to see this young man to do this. Do physically take up his cross, as well as spiritually take up his cross. Just think of the numerous of witnessing he can do while doing this wonderful mission.

Taking up the cross is denying yourself. That means not asking selfish and putting God’s needs first.

Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. (Mark 8:34b)

I am glad that I got to stop, talk and see this young man. Please keep their journey on your prayers. As he is facing extreme heat conditions this weekend. We are getting record highs today and for this weekend.

I went onto Bible study to share what went on. It turned out that I got to lead the study tonight. They guy that normal does it, his wife had a death in the family and they had to go take care of that. We all were already at their house. Since I want to be a youth minster, he let me take over and do. I haven’t done a sermon or Bible study since I was a teenager in Scouts where I was the Chaplain’s Aide a lot of the times. Can you guess what I talked about tonight? I share this story and read the passage in Mark 8:31-37 and Mark 9:1. These scriptures talk about Jesus predicts his death and also The Way of the Cross.

I think we should allow Junior to be an inspiration to all of us. We should be more like this when we go to witness to other people. We should set aside our desires, our wants etc and put God above all things. Doing this take great courage, discipline, dedication, desire, determination and much more. We need more men and women in the world who will stand up for God! Who will show what our Savior Jesus Christ did for us.

A Prayer Service will be held July 13, 2012 when Junior arrives in Washington, DC at the White House.

So please keep The Journey team in our prayers and God Bless this team, keep them safe and a great journey. Thanks Junior for your dedication to serving our Lord.

(Left to right) Junior Garcia (The Journey) and Steve Patterson (Courageous Christian Father, Owner)
(Left to right) Junior Garcia (The Journey) and Steve Patterson (Courageous Christian Father, Owner)

If you haven’t seen the movie The Cross you should watch this movie. It is inspirational as well. If you are not a Christian the time is today to be saved. We never know when Jesus will come back again. It could be a second from now and it could still be years from now. Christ died on the Cross for our sins so we can have everlasting life. (See John 3:16)

Junior inspired me because I thought about doing a walk around the United States sometime. Doing a walk for Christ. Plus, I like walking and got out of walking here lately. He has inspired to me to start walking more again. With my previous job I was use to walking 10 miles a day. Now with the new job I have I barely get 2 miles a day total. Plus, Junior has inspired me to be a better example. We need more Christians today willing to take a stand, someone who is not ashamed of God and ashamed they worship and praise Him.

You can find more information about The Journey
by watching his YouTube Video at:
or by visiting The Oasis Church’s Web site at:

Did you get to meet up with Junior or see Junior along his travel?
If so when and where? Tell me about your experience!

By the way, please click the link and/or share this on twitter, Facebook etc to help spread the awareness of this young man and his journey. 

Added July 2, 2012 at 22:26.

Junior walks an average of 30+ miles per day with the 12 foot cross. He walks from 8 am to 5 pm daily. On Sunday mornings he faithfully attends a church service. (I was thinking if I did something similar, I would stop at a near by church for worship on Sunday morning. I am glad to know that is what he does.)

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17 thoughts on “The Journey – Deny Yourself and Take Up Your Cross

  1. Steve,

    I got your email on the Global Diispatch alerting us to this story. We will be publishing a follow up. I hope it's ok to use one of the photos you took (if not, let me know).

    Thanks for sharing. The goal of the Dispatch is honest, truthful news from all sides so it was great to hear from Tennessee.

    God Bless


    1. Not that is ok that you used it and thanks I don't mind. I think we need to share this story and allow people to know and send prayers up for Junior. Thanks for the reply to my blog as well. Yes, we have to tell the truth. God doesn't lie his truth is plain as day in the Bible.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Please keep this young man in our prayers as he is still in East Tennessee today and we are having record breaking temps.

  2. I saw this young man yesterday on my way home from work! Please keep this young man in our prayers he is still in East Tennessee and we are having record breaking temps.

    1. yes so true on that. Thanks for the comment and yes we do need to continue to pray for him. What he is doing is very inspiring. Esp with these record breaking temps.

  3. Junior is in Centreville Virginia. He will make DC on the 13th. what an inspiration! I will share this story with my teenage sons and watch the movie.. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the updated Chris. I greatly appreciate that. He is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this story too. If anyone else sees this and has seen Junior, please share where he is. Thanks.

  4. Junior should be in Washington, DC today (July 13, 2012). I would love to hear his pray that is given. If they post it on YouTube. I will put share it up on my blog.

  5. Junior did make it to Washington, DC and held a prayer service by the White House. I am waiting for the video to emerge and I will share it on my blog.

  6. It matters not what your religious affiliation – this young man shows that there are good people walking the earth!

    1. It is very inspirational. Arthur the man who has been carrying the cross around the World, says the Cross means a lot to all religions and denominations etc. It is amazing how sacred it is.

  7. I did get in touch with the Church, Oasis International. They sent me an email back and said the video should be Online soon. So stay tuned to my blog, I will post that video.

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