My experience at Camp Ba-Yo-Ca a Christian Camp

I remember that I went to Camp Ba-Yo-Ca maybe once or twice as a teen, but in 1994, I was a Camp Counselor of the Boy’s month. I had the youngest cabin all the weeks I worked there. I was in Cabin #1 that whole month. I enjoyed it very much. I remember us making the Power Band Witnessing Tool Bracelets.

I don’t recall call when I was a young little boy about any experiences, I just remember that I did go.

While I was working at the camp, I had to go for my Board-of-Review for my Rank of Eagle. So I had to leave for a short little bit and then have my Board-of-Review and then come back.. The boys in my cabin all wished me good luck and when I came back said we know you done well and got it. I did pass my Board-of-Review and I am an Eagle Scout! I had my Board-of-Review on July 3, 1994.

Steve Patterson at Camp Ba-Yo-Ca in 1994
Steve Patterson at Camp Ba-Yo-Ca in 1994

Above, is a picture of me from Camp Ba-Yo-Ca in in 1994. That choker I have on, I made in Scouts. I still have it. I only have a few pictures. I wished I could remember names of my coworkers and kids I had. I never wrote that down for the pictures I took. I only have a small handful. Just think if then, we had the technology of digital cameras like we do now. I am sure I would have more. I am a shutter-bug. I love to snap pictures on my camera.

I remember they had me teaching fishing and I don’t fish and don’t know how to fish. I am glad the other teacher with me knew how to fish.

I remember I had one week two boys that had ADHD and they both would wonder off from class. I was down at the lake/pond with my class. I could hear two boys screaming and crying. I can see the back deck to my cabin. I seen two of my boys there. I went up to see what was going on. Two of my boys were being sent home and they didn’t want to be sent home. They sent them home because the two boys would leave their class and wonder off in the woods.

Another experience I remember while I was there is this one other counselor what doing a vespers type service and it was storming. He had his hand on the mic as lighting stuck and it knocked him to the ground. The electric surged through the mic. He got right up and dusted himself off. I cannot remember what the talk was on.

I also remember at mess hall before going in, we would line up in formation by Cabin. When they called your cabin if everyone was there we would yell …

All Present on the Count of 4, Sir or Ma’am!

Best of all it was great to see how the Lord moved through those boys at camp. Camp Ba-Yo-Ca is a camp that I would highly recommend that you send your kids to. They will get a very good Spiritual retreat. It is a Christian Based Camp too.

Did you go to Camp Ba-Yo-Ca?
Did you work at Camp Ba-Yo-Ca?
If you did, please share with me when and your experience(s) you had.
Or What Christian camp did you go to or work for and your experience(s)?

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