The Age of the Mask – often a mask is used to obscure your identity, but they are also made for protection (Physically, Emotional and Spiritually) #Mask

The Age of the Mask - often a mask is used to obscure your identity, but they are also made for protection (Physically, Emotional and Spiritually) #Mask
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The are many mask we can wear: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional etc. A mask is designed as a covering of the face. Partial mask cover either, and/or the mouth and nose. Others cover the full face or head.

Physical Mask

Mask can be used to hide our identity. Like that of a robber, who would use one so that no one can ID them. We also wear one on Halloween, as it started to blend in with demons and spirits. But some are made for protection …

Physical there are mask to protect you from gas, like that of nuclear and warfare. Plus ones to protect you from fumes and vapors of stuff like paint or other chemicals, etc.

Today, we wear mask to protect us from viruses, super bugs, medical or other biological attacks. I never thought I’d see us wearing mask in public like we see media showing China and other similar oriental countries have in the past.

Today with COVID-19 Coronavirus a lot of businesses are requiring mask when in public and physical distancing. All to protect us and those around us. So this why we are no in the age of the mask (say the Mask Era).

Emotional Mask

So there are a lot of mask for physical use, but we wear them as well to protect us emotionally and spiritually. Now these mask are usually unseen mask. Meaning they are not physical but or visible.

The emotional mask we tend to wear usually is to protect us emotional, so we don’t get hurt. We wear it to hide our anxieties too. We don’t want others to see this mask.

Spiritual Mask

This can be religious mask. Ones wear wear to protect us from things we believe.

The spiritual mask we wear is also often not seen. This mask can be used to shield us from spiritual attacks. We can say like a shield or helmet … part of the armor of God.

But if we really think about it, a mask is nothing more than armor for protection. It’s purpose is to to aide in protecting what comes in us: physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

Types of Mask

  • Surgeons Mask
  • Painters Mask
  • Respirator Mask
  • Gas Mask
  • Physical Mask
  • Halloween Mask
  • Emotional Mask
  • Spiritual Mask
  • Paper Mask
  • Cloth Mask
  • Filtered Mask
  • Welders Mask
  • Religious Mask
  • Nuclear Mask
  • CPAP Mask

What is the mask to you?

Feel free to share what mask is to you and any types of mask I can add.

PSA: Please dispose of used mask properly! Do not just toss the lm on the group.


Here are some of the Face Mask that I made and have for sell on Etsy.

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2 thoughts on “The Age of the Mask”
  1. A mask yes as rightfully stated is to shield of protect a person from something. They are various types of masks as you have mentioned. I think one mask we all should be wearing is the “love mask”, for love covers the multitude of sins (1 Peter 4; 18). When we put on the love mask, it will aid us to live at peace with others and overlook faults and little annoying things. Thanks for sharing.

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