Take Jesus Back To School With You Church Sign

Take Jesus Back To School With You Church Sign. It’s that time again! Back to School! This church sign shows a good reminder to make sure to bring Jesus with you.

Take Jesus Back To School With You Church Sign

Central Point Baptist Church in Rutledge, TN has a good point with this church that reads. “Take Jesus Back to School with You!” As students in school, we cannot be ashamed of Jesus. We must make sure to take Him with us. Remember we answer to Him and not anyone else. We must take Him with us. Not to mention, we must pray! We must share the gospel! Maybe you can get your youth leader to get some Life Books and give them out to your fellow students at your school.

I saw this church while passing it on August 4, 2017.

I do know that today it seems harder and harder for students to stand for Jesus in schools with the world getting more influence in the school systems. Nevertheless, students you must take a stand. Jesus said we will be persecuted because He was persecuted too. Plus, if we lose our life for Him, we gain eternal life with Him. It doesn’t matter what others say about us!

Take Jesus Back to School With You - Central Point Baptist Church - Rutledge, TN

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the life book movement saturating the schools with the gospel


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