Rains on the Just and Unjust alike

Rains on the Just and Unjust alike. The Bible tells us God sends the rain on all of us, regardless if we are just or not. He also gives us the sunshine on both as well.

Rains on the Just and Unjust alike

Hearing about raining on the just and unjust might sound familiar to you. Well, it should. You can find that in the Bible. It is found in Matthew 5:45, which reads, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

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Loving your enemies

This verse comes in where Jesus is talking about loving your enemies. We still must do good to those who do evil to us. Rain and sun are both essential for us to live. That shows the weather shows no partiality either, meaning we all get rain and we all get sunshine. God is the one that controls the weather! Not mother nature, but Father God! He sends us the weather that He wants according to His will and His purpose. We might not understand why, but He has a plan and purpose. We must trust in Him and know that He has a plan.

Rains on the Just and UnJust alike

Just think about this, rain also helps to make things grow. So does sunshine. So when God sends the rain, He has a plan to grow His kingdom so that His Son will shine, not the sun, but Son!

Back to loving your enemy … We must do good to them. We still must show them love. It is wrong to replay evil with evil (1 Peter 3:9 & Romans 12:17). After all, vengeance, that is wrath belongs to God (Romans 12:19 & Deuteronomy 32:35). We may think that the bad person is always getting away things, but we have to remember they answer to God. They will have to stand before Him on what they are doing or not doing. But, also remember good things happen to both good and bad people. Just the same, bad things happen to good and bad people alike.

Adam Clarke

He maketh his sun to rise on the evil – “There is nothing greater than to imitate God in doing good to our enemies. All the creatures of God pronounce the sentence of condemnation on the revengeful: and this sentence is written by the rays of the sun, and with the drops of rain, and indeed by all the natural good things, the use of which God freely gives to his enemies.” If God had not loved us while we were his enemies, we could never have become his children: and we shall cease to be such, as soon as we cease to imitate Him.

Matthew Henry

Sunshine and rain are great blessings to the world, and they come from God. It is His sun that shines, and the rain is sent by Him. They do not come of course, or by chance, but from God.

Rain and Sun

Sometimes we get both rain and sun together, at that time we usually get to see a rainbow. A Rainbow is God’s covenant not to flood the world! Note it says flood the world. That means the whole globe we are on, like that global flood of the Days of Noah. Yes, we still will have localized flooding in places. Just think about places that get flooded … Often we send response teams and people come to the aide and help of those effected. I know that God is the one that sends those people to help! God often uses these times to even try to get our attention as well.

Even in those flooded areas, you will find both the just and the unjust. There is not just the unjust there, but there are also the just there too. Think about that before you say it was because of the wickedness of that area. Like I mentioned, God is putting people together for His glory in that ordeal. Who knows, the victim could be the one leading the rescuer to Christ, just the same as the rescuer to the victim.

I am glad that God gives us both rain and sun. I am also glad that even when I was an enemy of God, that God choose to save me! If He can save me, He can save you too! Just think of these times of rain and sunshine as times of spiritual growth that can lead to spiritual maturity. So be sure to thank God for rain and sunshine.

Also let the rain and sunshine remind you that even your enemies get rain and sunshine! Let it remind you to do good to them and remind you as a Child of God, you were an enemy to God at one time too. God can save anyone He chooses to save. We never know, that good dead to your enemy may help grow the kingdom of God.

The Rainbow: A Covenant from God



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