Penny Gospel
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Penny Gospel – Using a Penny to Share the Gospel

Penny Gospel – Using a Penny to Share the Gospel. Did you know you can share the gospel using a penny? That’s right that one cent coin that people just toss out, you can use to share the gospel with it! #PennyGospel

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Lost Penny Day

Lost Penny Day – Pennies don’t seem like much alone, together they add up. Use this day to gather up your loose change and donate it to charity or someone in need. #LostPenny #LostPennyDay

Purple Penny Project
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Purple Penny Project

Purple Penny Project – The Purple Penny Project is a cry on behalf of the unborn children. A cry for you to see value in what others proclaim as worthless, life! This is part of 911 Babies and Life Village. #PurplePennyProject #911Babies #Abortion #LifeVillage