The Penny Challenge

The Penny Challenge – Here is a challenge about worship using a penny that you will carry in your hand for one day. You cannot put it down or away. Are you up for this challenge? (Printable version included) #PennyChallenge

The Penny Challenge

Place a penny in your hand as you wake up. Do not remove the penny until you go to bed that evening. You may change the penny from hand to hand, but you may not put it down or in your pocket. Every time you are conscious that you are holding a penny, praise God for something. Pray for something or someone. Every time you realize you are holding that penny, make that moment a moment of worship. Sing. Pray. Thank. Then wash your hands because Penny smell weird.

Printable version shown below. You can print them one, 4 or 9 to page. See below for that FREE printable version!

Now you read the challenge of holding a penny in your hand all day, now go and try to attempt to do it. I am going to share my experience in this blog post.

We do have two hands. We often use both hands all the time. How will having to keep a Penny in one of your hands at all times from wake to sleep do to you. This came to my mind before starting the challenge.

We have to eat, work or go to school, go to the bathroom, bathe or shower, drive or ride and much more. Our daily life!

What is it like to do this? Let’s find out!

Free Penny Challenge Printable!

I kind of did a test the day before at work. I had it in my hand, but when I went to type, I put it down. That is not the point of this challenge. So you are aware you are holding it and it awkward. But, I am going to try it and share my experience.

My Experience with the Penny Challenge

I first laid my Penny on my night stand the night before so that it will be there when I wake up. That it might help to remind me to do this challenge.

My test that I did for just a couple of hours the day before, I found myself putting it down, so I could type or do other things. So it is not as easy and it may seem. You have to hold this penny pretty much for maybe 12 hours, that is around half the day. When you wake up, to when you go to bed.

I woke up and thought thought about doing this challenge, then I got up and ready and forgot about it until …. walking to my car and finding a penny in the parking lot where I live. A penny from heaven!

I woke up around 7 a.m.. It was around 8:30 a.m. when I picked it up as my reminder to attempt this penny challenge. I put it in my hand and drove to the post office to drop off two articles of mail.

Driving wasn’t that bad fro me. I found a way to hold it and still use two hands on the wheel. Check with your local laws before attempting this, as this might be deemed distracted driving due to your hands not being free.

I then get to work. I started to do some things and I dropped the penny for the first time within an hour of holding it.

I did find it hard to type and do other things, it does make you aware that it is in one of your hands.

I think today, well this day of the challenge I was praying and thanking God a bit more than normal, as, part of this challenge entails you doing that when you are aware if the penny in your hand, well, to be honest, you are always aware of it in your hand! But do we actually do as the challenge says, Not really, but maybe a bit more than a normal day.

I did find myself fidgeting with the penny.

I also found it hard to type. I had to either try to adjust the penny from one hand or the other or type normal with one hand and almost peck with the other hand, that took something since I can type without looking.

Part of life is having to go to the restroom. We ALL have to go. Well, it is awkward having to use the restroom. But, when I washed my hands, I also washed the penny in my hand as if it was part of my hand. Same way with sanitizing my hand, I’d sanitize the penny too. After all, it’s 2021, we are still in the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was able to even do some graphic design and still holding the penny, yet, it did keep falling out of my hand.

I got home and ate dinner holding the penny and even helped do some sewing using the sewing machine.

I ended my day around 8:30 p.m. where I put the penny up. So yes, I guessed around 12 hours, if I had the penny when I woke up, it would have been longer than 12 hours, but I did realize I didn’t have the penny maybe 1 1/2 hours later, when I saw the penny on the ground, as my reminder to do this.

I encourage you to do this and let me know how it went for you. Share in the comments below.

The penny is so small, yet we think on piece of cake! Wrong! What about if we had to hold our cell phone in one hand or the other for the same duration, could we do that? Odds are I think we are so dependence on it that we possibly could. (Not advised in trying, driving and holding a cell phone is illegal).

Update: I shared with Jacob on doing this. (This part is not on the podcast) This is his reply …

That’s a neat reminder. Did you find yourself praying about stuff you never had before? When I did it ages ago, I was blown away at the amount of things I took for granted in my normal day. It was a good reminder of my abundant blessings. And it really helped me keep a mindset of prayer. That little thing was hard to forget…it kept me humble. 🙂

My Reply …

It was constant prayer and thanking , mine seemed to repeat on my request and thanksgiving. I think it’s something people should attempt.

I saw this challenge in the Notes from Jacob Wilke to the youth pastor at True Life. The note sheet was on Worship and from when I went to help my wife take photos at the church on Wednesday night youth service.

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