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Is The Skull of Hurricane Matthew a Hoax?

Is the Skull of Hurricane Matthew Hoax, off an image that has gained popularity as it hit Haiti early October 4, 2016 morning. Many weather forecasters including a Knoxville weather forecaster is claiming this image is unaltered. #Matthew #HurricaneMatthew #HurricaneMatthewSkull #SkullofHurricaneMatthew #MatthewHiati

Is the Skull of Hurricane Matthew Hoax, off an image that has gained popularity as it hit Haiti early October 4, 2016 morning. Many weather forecasters including a Knoxville weather forecaster is claiming this image is unaltered.

Is The Skull of Hurricane Matthew Hoax?

Hurricane Matthew hit Les Anglais, Haiti around 7 am EST.

I looked at the three images I found.
actually satellite hurricane Matthew
The original satellite image of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Skull Pink
Hurricane Matthew Skull Pink

Hurricane Matthew Skull Black
Hurricane Matthew Skull Black

Maybe filters used?

If you notice with the Pink and Black they are the same, but different colors. One the Skull of Hurricane Matthew is black and the other is pink. The top one shows the actual cloud type satellite image. These other two, the pink and black, skull images, seem to have had filters added to them.

Matt Devitt of WINK Weather is one of these weather men that claims this is real and unaltered. Even my weather stations are in the claim too. Is there any truth to this? That is what this blog post is about. I will update this post as I get more information.

Even Stu Ostro was one of the first ones to Tweet this on Twitter. He even on his feed said it reminds him of a sinister grin from Hurricane Wilma from 10 years ago. Ostro is also a Senior Meteorologist with the Weather Channel.

But I did an image overlay with the pink skull and and satellite image. See below.

Hurricane Matthew Skull Overlay with Satellite Image
Hurricane Matthew Skull Overlay with Satellite Image

More on this

From what I can tell, it seems filters were used to get a different looking image. Why would there be two different ones with one being pink and the other being black. Yes, call me a skeptic. But I am not sure this is totally real. But doing the other lay, as I did. It sure does line up. So maybe someone with too much time on their hands to apply filters. Maybe the weather software had filters that they can change the contract and such.

But, it is funny how they make this image around Halloween time. At this time I am not sure if it is a hoax or not and I cannot gather enough information at this time to figure that out either. But, when it does come in, I will add to this blog post. So come back!

But in order to see this, someone would have to be going through several still images. Maybe someone made it look like something, just because it hit land.

If this is a hoax?

If this is a hoax, this is a bad hoax to play on people. There are people in Haiti right now that could be or have perished from this horrible storm. (See Death Toll County Below)

In Prayers

We need to be in prayer for those along the its path and those in Haiti. I know a church in Knoxville, Faith Promise, is suppose to be in the works of going there, this was before the Hurricane was on its path too. So keep those in that mission trip in prayers as they will be getting there in the aftermath.

Plus keep Cuba and the coastal lines of American in prayers as it is in Hurricane Matthews path too.

None the less, we must knows that God is always in control. Anything and everything that happens is according to God’s Will. Most of the time it could be to get our attention.

Others said it looked like

Many said the image resembled a skull, but others said it looked like the Grinch or Jack Skeleton from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

To me it reminds me of the time they had the Hand of God in space. I guess it is like playing identify shapes in clouds when you look at the sky, but in this case, when you look at satellite type images instead.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. (Per WikiPedia)

Digging deeper

As I stated above it seemed they used a type of filter to see what this image looked like and confirmed that by saying they used the infrared image. So using the infrared is a form of a filter. But the Weather Channel does confirm this and calls it an Eerie Face.

Ray Petelin WTAE stated on his Facebook page it was used with enhanced satellite imaging that is unaltered. Plus many others are saying enhanced satellite imaging or infrared imaging.

I would have to say this does not seem to be a hoax. As my over lay image seems to match up.

I wonder if they have a video using the infrared satellite imaging or enhanced satellite imagine any where? That might give us the true answer.

Most of these people in Haiti live in cardboard, tin or make-shift type housing. Haiti is a poor country.

Also at the time of this posting, weather channel was also reported nine deaths so far. I am sure the death toll will go up too.I will update those numbers as I can. See the total number below …

UPDATE: As of October 6, 2016, the death toll in Haiti has risen to near 900 at last update.

Pray for those in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas too! 

Samaritan’s Purse is in Haiti helping with emergency supplies. They even landed helpers before supplies came.

Images used belong to their respectful  owners. Last updated October 8, 2016 at 10:00 pm EST.

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