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Should Christian Bands Play in Bars or Pubs?

I discuss whether Christian Bands should play in bars or pubs.
Should Christians Bands Play in a Bar or Pub
Should Christians Bands Play in a Bar or Pub

I have recently been introduced to some new Christian Rock Bands. I have liked their Facebook page, etc. I have recently noticed one of the bands, always posting pictures of a pub or bar they are playing at. You will see them playing and beer logos all around them. I honest don’t believe this makes a good testimony for the band. It may make people believe that you are boozing it up and drinking yourself.

This band may have a genuine heart to reach the lost at a bar or pub. But, I do believe them being there may make people think they are drunk while playing or even drinking. I honest don’t believe a Christian or faith based Music Band should play at a bar or a pub. You as a Christian Band are looked up to by the people following your music. You must set the example of how Christ should live.

I am not going to call any band names out in this post. But seeing this type of behavior makes me not want to listen to the band anymore or show support for them. It also makes people say well why should I be saved, I see no difference in them and me. They are here too in this establishment and I am too. So the person will not want to change.

I also by playing in such a venue, it can cause others to stumble and fall. I do know that God does go to sinners, but there are other avenues to reach the lost than playing in a bar or pub. However, usually those who are truly saved will avoid such areas that could cause them to stumble. We are new creations with Christ. We avoid things we use to do, change the people we hang out with than we use to.

This also brings me to a blog post, 10 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Drink.

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