Should Christian Bands Play in Bars or Pubs?

Should Christians Bands Play in a Bar or Pub
Should Christians Bands Play in a Bar or Pub

I have recently been introduced to some new Christian Rock Bands. I have liked their Facebook page, etc. I have recently noticed one of the bands, always posting pictures of a pub or bar they are playing at. You will see them playing and beer logos all around them. I honest don’t believe this makes a good testimony for the band. It may make people believe that you are boozing it up and drinking yourself.

This band may have a genuine heart to reach the lost at a bar or pub. But, I do believe them being there may make people think they are drunk while playing or even drinking. I honest don’t believe a Christian or faith based Music Band should play at a bar or a pub. You as a Christian Band are looked up to by the people following your music. You must set the example of how Christ should live.

I am not going to call any band names out in this post. But seeing this type of behavior makes me not want to listen to the band anymore or show support for them. It also makes people say well why should I be saved, I see no difference in them and me. They are here too in this establishment and I am too. So the person will not want to change.

I also by playing in such a venue, it can cause others to stumble and fall. I do know that God does go to sinners, but there are other avenues to reach the lost than playing in a bar or pub. However, usually those who are truly saved will avoid such areas that could cause them to stumble. We are new creations with Christ. We avoid things we use to do, change the people we hang out with than we use to.

This also brings me to a blog post, 10 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Drink.

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9 thoughts on “Should Christian Bands Play in Bars or Pubs?

  1. Sorry….I disagree. Where better to reach the lost than where they “live”. What if Christ had your attitude and only stayed within the walls of the synagogs?

  2. DadyDan I never said anything about Jesus staying inside of the synagog walls. I simply saying He wouldn’t go inside a bar. I do know Jesus went to the people, but not in an establishment like that. Thanks for your comment Dan. I am guessing you say this cause you also justify drinking? Drinking and sharing the gospel or even being an establishment serving drinks, can ruin your testimony. People will you see there and then go I see no difference between them and me and not accept Christ.

  3. I avoided the bars for many many years because my dad and the family history was all about alcoholism and I was literally afraid of the bars. I was invited down to Nashville to spend some good time with some of the Christian artists and when I got there they were all either on tour or in the studio and a little too busy to hang out.
    As a singer songwriter the best thing for me to do was to get involved with the songwriting events around town especially the open mics and get involved with the music community. Guess we’re all of those venues were? Yup. In the bars and clubs.
    By the time I had finished my second open mic in those environments, God had put an amazing love in my heart for the people in front of me and it was no longer about avoiding a bar but about loving people with the tools that he had given me which included music as a high priority.
    God had broken a fear in me that I didn’t even fully recognized as a fear but as just being a good Christian.
    If there is such a concern about doing the wrong things in the wrong places then the best solution I would have is to partner and covenant with other Christians and go in as a team to keep each other strong, not in some blatant, rude, preachy, over the top, in your face type of thing, but as people of the cross who want to genuinely love those who may never darken the door of a church building.
    In the end though, Paul had the solution. Basically saying what is good and acceptable for some may not be good for others, what we drink and eat, and in this case, where we go.
    Never to flaunt our freedoms but I want to go where Jesus was willing to go and I think the bars are no exception to that. There are many people there who are absolutely in His sights for us to love and care for and bring home when they are willing to acceptc His hand. To avoid those places I believe becomes a sin if that is what God has called you to. Kind of like Jonah running away from Nineveh.

  4. In the story, “Rikki Tikki Tavi” there is a lesson taught about why the mongoose should never follow the snake into it’s hole. The snake knows the hole and knows when the tunnel opens up into the den. Once there, the snake will turn and strike the mongoose. Lesson: Never follow the snake into it’s environment. He knows it’s danger far better than you.

    1. Well, I kind of look at it this way, we creatives have a gift and while entertaining can be used to reach as well. It’s a balancing act, but if God is guiding then we can be right in the middle of touching lives with that gift and being that entertainer as well. I say this because I also am in the entertainment industry and sadly it needs more Christians to make a difference.

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