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It seems we have lost responsibility today. Today teens don’t know there are consequences to their actions. One example is at school, children have basically until the end of the school year to turn in assignments. When I was in school, if you didn’t turn it in, you got a “0” on it. A big fat goose egg. You failed! Today, they have all the chances they can have till the end of the year to turn it in. This is not teaching them responsibility.

Another example, one school system in Tennessee recently made it easier to pass. They lowered failing grade system. In order to fail now you must make under a 60, it was a mid 70 or below is failing with a F. I don’t think this teaches a child responsibility either. This shows they can slack off and still pass.

Both of the above, I believe are side effects from the “No Child Left Behind Act” It seems now that Freshman today in College read at a Middle to High School reading level. If you look at it the other way, optimist, Middle and High School Students are now reading on a College level. Yet, it seems they do now in elementary schools, we did in middle and what we did in middle we did in high school. They are trying to teach things to children at a younger and younger age, our country is trying to compete against other countries on education, but in fact I think it is truly leaving children behind because they are not learning, they are cramming instead, so they are not retaining it.

It’s also like you go on a youth trip, the kids usually have a limited amount of money, that money is suppose to be used for eating on, yet they will blow all they have on merchandise before they will eat. When it comes time to eat at the events, they will say they don’t have any more money. So the child doesn’t go without eating you provide food for them. No responsibility on money either.

When the real world hits them, it will hit them like a ton of bricks, since we seem to have taken away responsibility away. We as parents much instill and teach our children about responsibility. Today parents don’t seem to care about what they teach their children, they just let them figure it out on their own. We are not disciplining our children either for fear we will get in trouble with the law. There is a difference between discipline and beating.

A lot of lack of responsibility also causes teens to seem to know know what is good or bad. We are today teaching children that good is bad and bad is good. The Bible warns us about a day like that, see Isaiah 5:20. We are here today teaching this or I should say, not teaching our kids responsibility. This lack of responsibility also leads to lack of discipline. Proverbs 13:24 tells us if we spoil our children and lack the rod, we do not love our children. It is telling us if we love our children we will discipline them. We are their parents not their best friend.

Am I the only one seeing this especially in your youth and teenagers or do others see it too? This is something that is on my heart to share.

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