Shoot ‘Em Up Cinema – 7D (Gatlinburg) Review

Shoot ‘Em Up Cinema – 7D (Gatlinburg) – An interactive game using 3D technology, moving seats and gun gaming system. #ShootEmUpCinema #ShootEmUpCinema7D

Shoot ‘Em Up Cinema – 7D (Gatlinburg)

I asked what the difference between 5D and 7D was and they told me more interaction.  (Formally known as Shoot ‘Em Up Cinema – 5D).

Shoot 'Em Up Cinema - 7D

If you like shooting games, 3D and movies you will enjoy this game. I did enjoy this game. The game seems to be over with before you know it. I enjoyed it, the time my wife and I visited there wasn’t many people at the game. Even with the local discount.

These type of games are fun, but don’t seem to last too long. You can shoot and see if you were the top scorer of those there during that game viewing.

The seats move! You wear 3D Glasses.

I paid for my own admission, they had it discounted half price the day I went. This review was done on my own. I wasn’t given anything for this review.

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