Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary – just like humans cats can get a disability too just like blindness. #BlindCatRescue #BlindCats

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Just like a human, cats can get around just find with disabilities. Even blindness! Being blind means you cannot see or you are seeing impaired. That is where this one cat rescue comes into play in helping rescue and give furever homes to blind cats.

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary - just like humans cats can get a disability too just like blindness. #BlindCatRescue #BlindCats
Louie the first Blind Cat at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary | Photo Blind Cat Rescue

Blind Cat Rescue is located in St. Pauls, NC.

They actually have two lifetime cat care sanctuaries

The first opened in 2005 for blind cats that were deemed not adoptable by regular shelters. Most of them would have been euthanized (killed) other wise.

The second was built in 2011 for cats with Leukemia positive (FELV+) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+). Which those cats were deemed not adoptable too and would have been put down too.

The Blind Cat Rescue even states that in North Carolina it is actually in the law. If an animal is sick, injured or blind it may be killed immediately in animal control facilities. To me that is sad news to hear! That is why I wanted to share about this rescue and sanctuary available for blind cats and cats with FELV+ & FIV+.

Their first blind cat was Louie. (shown above). Louie proved that a blind cat can live a normal healthy cat life. Louie lived like a normal cat. He didn’t know he was blind, he knew he was a cat. Then after taking on several more cats they realized there was no resources for blind cats.

Blind cats can still climb trees and do other things normal cats do.

One note about blind cats if you pick up a blind cat and move him/her from point A to point B, try to put them down where they have a good idea of where they are: in the litter box, at their food bowl or where floors have different textures. (You can learn more about other tips and facts about blind cats at their website).

They will accept a cat into their sanctuary IF they have space available. Blind cats must be certified by a vet as blind. Cats with less than 20% sight are accepted as blind. All cats must be fixed that go into the sanctuary.

On their website you can meet many of that cats looking for their furever home.

Blind Cat Rescue is a non-profit 501©3 in the state of North Carolina. That means you can make donations and use it on your taxes.

More info at:

Info & image used by permission of Blind Cat Rescue for this blog post. Please share this blog post on your favorite social media to help raise awareness and to help blind cats.

In a previous post we blogged about Potato who is a blind cat. Read about Potato!

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