Seeking All Green Dots for SEO

Seeking All Green Dots for SEO – Part of having a blog is doing SEO. If you have Yoast, you know what I am talking about. #Yoast #SEO

Seeking All Green Dots for SEO

Green Dots mean the SEO is good according to their algorithm. Yellow means the SEO is okay. While red means it is bad or needs work. Gray simply means you haven’t set up the SEO for that blog post.

SEO means search engine optimization, as in, how easily is it for search engines to find your site, blog, etc. That is where the Yoast plugin is suppose to help your WordPress Blog.

Seeking All Green Dots for SEO - Part of having a blog is doing SEO. If you have Yoast, you know what I am talking about. #Yoast #SEO

Most of my blog post are Green and Yellow, but does it make you want to make them all green? Especially when you go to repurpose or republished an older blog post.

As you can see from the screenshot clip from Toast SEO Posts Overview, it shows you how many are green, yellow or red, in this case none are red. It also has the caption saying …

Below are your published posts’ SEO scores. Now is a good a time as any to start improving some of your posts!

Yoast SEO Posts Overview

Do you seek to try to get all green for the SEO? I know some of my post are short, those usually end up with the yellow. What can you do? Add more content? Or do you just leave it be?

If you are like me, that is over one thousand blog posts to update to make all green. Will that be worth it? Do you see an increase in pageviews by making them all green? That is my question.

Are you okay with both green and yellow. Do you have any red? Do you update only the red dots? If one comes up red, I try to update that one to make it at least yellow.

After that, and you only have and keep green and yellows, does it make you want to go back and edit all the yellows to make them all green?

Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Be sure to check back for other comments and maybe updates to this posts or a new post about this as I try to dig more into this. Your comments on this will help. Thank you!

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Inspire To Nourish
March 11, 2021 05:20 AM

I have only just started using it and wondering whether to change update previous posts or not?