Saving the Best for Last

I was eating a chicken breast at Bojangles and I had a thought came to my mind. I always pull the breading off and eat it very last, as in I am saving the best for last. I think the skin and breading is the best part. The same goes for fat off a piece of steak. I save it for the last. I think both the fat and the skin/breading is best part of either the chicken or steak. We even do this with desert, saving it for last because like most of us we like the sweet stuff the best.

Saving Best for Last
Saving Best for Last

This almost goes with the story Keep Your Fork, (as it talks about the Best is Yet to come) I had shared on my blog back in 2007.

So what is the point of this blog post? Well I want to shed some light on a new way to look at being picked last for things.

Remember as a kid you would have two people picking who they wanted on their team to either play kickball, baseball, football etc, for recess or gym class. It seemed those picking would pick the ones that were either their friends or ones they knew would help to win.

Maybe you were one of the ones that were usually picked last. Just think of it this way. They saved you last because you are the best. You might not think of it that way, but there was a reason you were picked last. My thinking is, that we are creatures of habit. We save the best things for last.

God’s picking and time is just right. It is not too soon nor too late. Nor is it always first or last. So think of it this way, God may have had a purpose for you being picked last or next to last. That is okay, because the timing was meant to be.

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