Safe Sex: Be Married and Faithful

Safe Sex Be Married and Faithful Image
Safe Sex Be Married and Faithful Image

Here is another graphic that I saw on Facebook and then felt led to share with my readers. Another reason is if you may or may not know, I have committed to a life of purity. This purity covenant (vow) will stay until I remarry. Just so you all know I am also I am almost 37 years old.

I am not sure who created this image but the  image has fb: isiantigua on it. So I would guess they are the one who created it. I linked the image to their Facebook page.

So wait before you are married. Waiting shows True Love for your future partner. It also helps you prevent from unwanted Sexual Transmitted Diseases  (STD’s), HIV/AIDS and also helps prevent unwanted pregnancy. Waiting also will reduce the the abortion rate too due to unwanted pregnancies.

Same applies to after you are married. Staying faithful to your spouse. It will help prevent spread of STD’s, etc. Also unwanted pregnancies from other people outside your marriage. This act is only meant between you and your spouse through marriage.

So let sex be something you unwrap for the first time for marriage or if you already commit adultery, abstain till you do get married and unwrap a special sacred act for your future spouse.

I encourage all single, divorced people to commit to a life of purity till marriage regardless of your age!

I also encourage everyone married to stay faithful and not cheat. Keep it in your marriage just you and your spouse. No one else! It doesn’t matter what your marriage is like, it only belongs to your spouse.

Just remember sin separates us from God.

Check out the Bible verse it has on the graphic. Hebrews 13:4

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

God created sex to be good, but only in marriage. It is a Marital Privilege.

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First published July 20, 2013. Republished August 31, 2015.

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2 thoughts on “Safe Sex: Be Married and Faithful

  1. I am encouraged by your post. I couldn’t agree more. My two children are struggling with this issue with their father who doesn’t get why they don’t wish to spend the night with him anymore. Why? Because he is living a sexually immoral lifestyle and all he can say about it is that we can’t judge him for it. Because of my past mistakes, before I became a sold out for Christ type of Christian (along wtih my children), I also did so. It was under great conviction that I decided to be pure (even to kiss a man) before marrage. I haven’t taken the same pledge you took on paper, but between myself and God is a promise that cannot be broken.

    To search for someone who is like minded is a chance in a million on my own, but I know that God is preparing me to be ready for a husband one day who cherrishes my purity and the purity of our marrage.

    God bless, and I hope this has ecnouraged you as well.

    Susan Bullock (Peterson)

    1. Thanks Susan. Glad to hear that someone else has taken the purity covenant as well. Glad to hear of other people who are taking a stand too. God will bless those who are obedient to Him. He chastises us when we don’t. God bless and keep it in your prayers what God has purposed for your path.

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