Pac-Man Turns 40!

Pac-Man Turns 40! That fun arcade game now celebrates it’s 40th Annivesary. #PacMan

Pac-Man Turns 40!

Pac-Man Turns 40! That fun arcade game now celebrates it's 40th Annivesary. #PacMan

Born on May 22, 1980, PAC-MAN immediately rose to meteoric popularity, first in video game arcades, then through an array of branding and entertainment appearances.

Pac-Man is a Japanese video game franchise published and owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment, according to WikiPedia.

The point of the Pac-Man video game is for the player to guide Pac-Man through a maze to eat Pac-Dots. In order to move onto the next level, you must eat all the Pac-Dots and not be touched by the four ghost (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde). If the ghost was to touch him, he lost a life. If all lives are gone, the game ends. But, Pac-Man can eat those ghost with Power Pellets in the corners of the screen. The ghost will change colors, to allow Pac-Man to know he now can eat them.

Pac-Man was not the original name for the game, first concept had Puckman. But they later changed the name do to vandalism misusing the name.

There were 255 levels in the original Pac-Man game.

There was even a cartoon series that came out for this game too.

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