Omnipotence – Is all about the All Powerful and Mighty God and His Power is without limit as it has been demonstrated all over the Bible. #Omnipotence


This weeks Theological Tuesday takes us to the word Omnipotence.  We have heard there are three omni’s in theology. This is just one of the three.



The first part of the word is omni-. That part just simply means all, of all things, in all ways, in all places.


The other part of the word is -potence meaning the state or quality of being physically strong, potency, power and powerfulness.


When you combine the two to make Omnipotence, it gives the quality of having unlimited or very great power. (All Powerful).  Creation is the best example of God’s All Power nature. He created everything after all. Just think of the fine details of the humans, animals, plants etc. How everything has to work together. That is proof there is a creator.

You can see God’s power throughout the Bible with Wars and Battles. Even freeing the Jews from slavery in the Exodus.

There is nothing that God can’t do. All things are possible with God. (Matthew 19:26). God can do as He pleases too. He is a just and right God too. Well I take that back, there is ONE thing God Can’t Do … Lie! (Look for a blog post coming soon about that). Nor can He do anything that is contradictory or that is contrary to His nature.

Also look at the Cross. Look at what Jesus went through. I mere man would have died before being placed on the cross.

One of the names of God used in the Bible is el shaddai, which means “self-sufficient” or “almighty.”

“Since He has at His command all the power in the universe, the Lord God omnipotent can do anything as easily as anything else. All His acts are done without effort. He expends no energy that must be replenished. His self-sufficiency makes it unnecessary for Him to look outside of Himself for a renewal of strength. All the power required to do all that He wills to do lies in undiminished fullness in His own infinite being.” – Tozer

I am glad that God is powerful to create me in His own image. Plus, He is powerful to protect me and provide for me too.

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