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Carvers Orchard & Farm Market

Carvers Orchard & Farm Market – See an Apple Tree Orchard, Farmer’s Market and Sweet Shop all in one stop in Cosby, TN. #CarversOrchard  #CarversFarm

Carvers Orchard & Farm Market

This weeks Travel Thursday takes us to Cosby, TN to Carvers Orchard & Farm Market. Here you can see all kinds of Apple Trees on their Apple Orchard. Plus, they have a Farmers Market to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, Jams, Apple Butter, Hot Sauces, Ciders, Etc. Plus, they have a sweet shop too! We got us some roasted peanuts that were yummy. Plus, I got me some picking cucumbers so I can make Homemade Dill Pickles.

Farmer’s Market

Carvers Orchard & Farm Market Outside

Outside of Farmer’s Market

As you can see it is a nice big barn. Below are more pictures to check out …

Carvers Orchard & Farm Market Inside

Inside the Farmer’s Market

They have all kinds of stuff here. It is most worth just stopping by for a visit. I saw some Bear Jam and even some Traffic Jam. They have Strawberry Cider. I bet that is good!

Sweet Shop

On the Sweet Shop (Stacey’s Candy Store) they have a sign that reads …

Exodus 14:14 – The Lord shall fight for us, and you shall hold your peace.”

Stacey's Candy Store at Carvers Orchard & Farm Market Outside

Stacey’s Candy Store Outside

We Got us sweet treat too! They were yummy!

Stacey's Candy Store Inside

Stacey’s Candy Store Inside

Apple Tree

An Orchard is the planting of trees or shrubs that is maintained for food production.

Carvers Orchard & Farm Market Apple Tree

An Apple Tree with fallen apples on the ground.

They have a restaurant too, Applehouse Restaurant, but we didn’t get there.

I would be back!

I didn’t get anything for writing about Carvers. I did this on my own.


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