No Special Glasses Needed to See the Son

No Special Glasses Needed to See the Son. This is a good church sign from Blue Springs Baptist in Rutledge, TN. It is a good reminder that we can look at the Son without any special glasses like we had to for the solar eclipse or even on a sunny day with sun glasses.

No Special Glasses Needed to See the Son

Back at the Solar Eclipse we had, you had to have special solar eclipse glasses to look at the sun eclipse. However, with Jesus, the Son, we don’t need any special glasses or equipment to look at Him. We can look directly to Him and at Him. He is the light of the world. One day, the sun will be forbid to shine and guess what the light of the Son will always shine.

Check out what Blue Springs Baptist Church in Rutledge, TN says about seeing the Son.

No Special Glasses Needed To See The Son (Blue Springs Baptist Church Rutledge, TN)


I am Glad!

I am glad Jesus is sitting on the right hand of God and interceding on our behalf.


Other Church Signs on the Son Shining!

I like this church sign, I posted a long while back, about the Son Shines! You can search this blog for church signs and find all kinds of other church signs published on Courageous Christian Father. Actually I have two churches with this sign about the forecast of God Reigns and the Son Shines.

Church Sign About the Forecast – First Baptist Church Strawberry Plains

Forecast God Reigns Son Shines (church sign)

This church changes it up some, by saying the Son Will Shine Forever!

SonShine Forever Church Sign

This church sign is great saying that exposure to the Son will prevent burning. As Christ is our Son Screen, as apposed to Sunscreen.

SonShine Forever Church Sign





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