Your Cup Over Runs to Help Fill Others

Your Cup Over Runs to Help Fill Others. This over flow is not meant for us to keep or hoard, but to share with others. When we share this overflow, we are blessing other people.

Your Cup Over Runs to-Help Fill Others

Your Cup Over Runs to Help Fill Others

My cup runneth over, found in Psalm 23:5 b. The overflow is not meant for us to keep or hoard, but to give to others so we can bless others. God often gives us access so we can also bless others. He doesn’t give us the access to hoard or keep for ourselves. When we get extra, that extra is to bless others. When we bless others, we are benefiting the kingdom of God.

If our cup is overflowing, that means we cannot contain what we have in that cup. That means it is spilling out of the cup. When it spills out of the cup that shows us that we have access. We give the access to others out of love and not being selfish. Those that want to keep the access overflow is keeping that out of selfish ambitions or desires. By not blessing others with the access, they are missing out on a blessing themselves.

When you have access, think of others and bless them! Besides everything we own or have, actually belongs to God. Another thing, is we cannot take these items with us when we die. We must lay our treasures up in heaven. When we give to others, we are investing in other people. That blessing we give, may be the point that brings them to Christ!

Help Others By Sharing Your Overflow!


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