My First Experience: Johnny Hunt’s Mens Conference

Johnny Hunt's Mens Conference Poster 2014
Johnny Hunt’s Mens Conference Poster 2014

I got the privileged to go with my men of my church to Johnny Hunt’s Mens Conference in Woodstock, GA. This was my first experience. This was the 23rd annual conference, Themed: Anchored – Strong Foundations for Turbulent Times.

They had a total of 6 Breakouts you could pick from, 3 each day. I really enjoyed my time there. Pastor Johnny Hunt is an awesome teacher/preacher. I enjoyed each session of his this year. Johnny Hunt also uses personal experiences in his life and shows you he is just the same as you and I, make similar or the same mistakes as we do in life. It is a 2 day and 1 night conference.

This conference is designed for men, fathers, husbands, leaders of the church to learn to be godly men. How to live a godly life and be a better father, husband, leaders etc. It helps to grow your spiritual walk with God or if you are not saved, possibly build a new relationship with Christ for you.

I even enjoyed the breakouts that I went to. My first Breakout on Friday was by Gary Bates is the CEO of Creation Ministries International ( who gave interesting  way to view creation. Then on Saturday, I went and enjoyed the breakout by Bob Reccord ( has authored 8 books and has spoken to thousands. Reccord talked about navigating the storms of relationships and forgiving.

The Mens Conference is held at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA. This is a mega church it is huge! The seats, I will have to say are very narrow, so you sit really close to the person next to you.

My church, Piedmont Baptist Church (9 total attended) went along with my buddies church Mt. Carmel Baptist (2 total attended). I believe total attendance of all the men was around 4,500 for the one I went on. The next one they said will have around 3,500. We attended the Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 2014 conference.  Our church opted to have the dinner. We got a steak dinner Friday night. It was pretty good.

You could feel the power of the Holy Spirit talking to people and moving around this conference. You look around, all you can see is men.

I even got one of my #JHMC2014 Tweets on the Big Screen at this conference. It seems popular anymore to share tweets on big screen at conferences and events. Even looking over the hashtags #JHMC2014, I saw where a man got saved Friday night. Praise God! He wasn’t the only man that got saved we had several men throughout this conference stand up who dedicated their lives to Christ. God be given the glory!

Have you been to a Johnny Hunt’s Mens Conference? Please share with me your experience.

I took notes of the Sessions by Pastor Johnny Hunt and the guest speakers. I may in the future post these on my blog the notes. So follow me on my blog and you will stay on the latest of this and many other blog entries. Plus, as being at attendant you got Pastor Hunt’s sessions on CD as well or you could download them. After the conference you can download the notes from Pastor Hunt. (which I plan to do once I see them on the web site)

I highly recommend that you attend one, you will be hooked and want go back again! I am looking forward to next years.

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  1. I think that having men’s days & ladies day occasionally is important for the churches. We need the fellowship. imspiration & messages they give us

  2. This weekend is the Johny Hunt Men’s Conference 2016 (#JHMC2016) This will be my third time going. 2014 was my first and 2015 was my second. I am looking forward to it!

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