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Meet Gypsy Rose

Meet Gypsy Rose

Meet Gypsy Rose

Meet Gypsy Rose

Says hi Gypsy Rose, the feral that mom and dad have been working to help. She came to them when they called for her last night! Once mom and dad can gain her trust more, she’ll be vaccinated and treated. Keeps her in Your thoughts. Head bumps and love, Lilly Bug. #adoptdontshop #rescuecats #ferallifesmatter #2catsandablog


I think she might be my next sister one day. She’s a calico too!

Update 10/11/18:

She now is coming to our door in the morning and night. She even meows at the door too. She knows where to get some food and loving. She has been coming around for a few weeks or so now.

Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

Update: We haven’t seen her in a very long time. I think and hope someone took her and gave her a good home.

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