Learned to use Chopsticks

Learned to use Chopsticks – It takes not giving up! I kept on trying and trying and then I got it. That was a reminder to me to share with you all that we must not give up! We must continue to go on!

Learned to use Chopsticks

It took me a few times of just doing. But, I can now eat my chicken meat using chopsticks. I have been practicing at the Twin Dragon in Jefferson City, TN. My wife, Heather has been helping me. She already knew how. So this is a milestone to me!

Learned to use Chopsticks - Ma La Chicken

I remember when I was working as a security officer, we had a training session in CPR, First Aid, Approaching Vehicles and many other security related issues for a college. Afterward, most of all of us, went out to eat at Wasabi’s in West Knoxville. The waitress asked me if I wanted chopsticks like the rest of my coworkers. I told her, no I don’t know how to use them. So she came back with ones with rubber bands on the ends, ones you give a child! I still couldn’t use them.

So I have not used or tried them since … until recently! I love eating Ma La Chicken (shown in this picture) with them, or even General Tso’s or Black Pepper Chicken! Rice I still have a hard time eating with chopsticks. But with practice, I can do it!

All it takes is practice and not giving up! We have to remember that! Don’t give up! We must continue to go on! God will never leave us nor forsake us. No matter how hard the road may seem to be. We might even thing He is not with us, but He is.

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