Unarmed Security Officer

Another job that I have enjoyed doing was working an unarmed security officer. I was unarmed meaning I didn’t carry a gun. I got to work for a few companies as an unarmed security officer.

Steve working an Unarmed Security Officer
Steve working an unarmed Security Officer

Being an Unarmed Security Officer

While I was in college I got to work for the University of Tennessee Police Department as an unarmed security officer. I got to work in various buildings on campus and parking garages. But best of all I got to work special events like home football games. I even got locked in over night at Neyland Stadium by myself doing a shift. Check out My experience at Neyland Stadium. I wasn’t licensed and not sure why I wasn’t, but then I didn’t know you are suppose to by state law. It might have been because I worked directly in a police department. I was able to do this job for two years.

While I lived in Michigan until I got a graphic design job, I got to work at the Alpena Mall in Alpena, MI and even with STT Security at Alpena General Hospital. I only did those gigs for a few months before I got a job as a graphic designer.

I even moved back to Tennessee and continued to work as a graphic designer. It wasn’t until about 12 years after my last unarmed security officer job that I got my next one. I worked for Walden Security. I got to work an office complex, an apartment complex and even a local college, Pellissippi State. At this job I had my state license as an unarmed security officer. I got to meet a lot of new people.

As an unarmed security officer I got to make sure buildings and doors of buildings were secured (locked). I even got to unlock or lock buildings for the public. I even got to do battery boost and car unlocks. I had to write medical reports and monitored and responded to alarms and cameras. Plus, you also had to walk around often, which I enjoy walking, and hit buttons to time stamp you. I even go to do fire extinguisher inspections, as I had to make sure the needle was in the proper spot and if it was initial the log. If not, report it. I even got to write parking tickets. Even at times traffic direction of either cars or people.

I remember one of the teachers at the one of the campuses I guarded, she was blind, she said she can see bright colors and she can spot us easily because of the yellow stripe along the side of our pants.

One of the main things as being a security officer is logging stuff. You are there to observe and report. Be seen! It helps to carry a note pad that fits in your pocket and pens so you can take notes of stuff you see.

My Tennessee unarmed security officer license has since expired. I do miss doing this kind of work. Most of the colleges now have gone to fully armed security officers, if not to having their own police forces on campus.

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