Joy Stealing C Words

Joy stealing C Words – I share a list of words that start with the letter C that can steal joy. #joy

Joy stealing C Words

Joy stealing C Words - I share a list of words that start with the letter C that can steal joy. #joy

Joy can be robbed by our own doing or by actions of others.


When we compare ourselves to others this can rob joy. God made us all unique and different and uses that for His Kingdom and glory. That is why we are the body of Christ. We are different parts put together.

Instead we should accept what we can do not what we can’t with comparison to others.


When we always complain about things instead of being appreciative. This can show we are not thankful.

Instead be thankful and encouraging!


This can be the same as complaining.

Be proactive and do something. No one likes a sour puss. Be positive Biblically not politically!


We rob joy when we control others or are being controlled by someone else.

Stop controlling others! Try not to let others control you.


When you make yourself seem superior to another it can often kill someone’s joy. No one likes the person who is full of themself.

Instead lift them up like I mentioned above by offering encouragement and being thankful!


This works the same as the above word, condescending. Remember you are not all that. God can still get His Work done with or without you!

Stop being proud and boastful. Humble yourself. Jesus came as a servant to serve not be served! Do good to others instead of expecting things to come to you!

Check back for more and feel free to comment with others C words that steal joy.

Are you a joy robber? Joy killer? Or a Joy Bringer!

Make take this time to let someone know what they mean to you without comparing, complaining, criticizing, controlling or condescending.

You could …

  • Text them
  • Send gifts / gift cards
  • Call them
  • Write a letter
  • Send a card
  • Make a meal for them
  • Talk to them
  • Go out to eat together
  • And so much more

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