5 Elements of Survival are also in Jesus

5 Elements of Survival are also in Jesus – Water, Air, Food, Light and Fire. #bgbg2

5 Elements of Survival are also in Jesus

Jesus can be found in these 5 basic elements of life: Water, Air, Food, Light and Fire without these we’d have no life and yet Jesus can be found in these.

5 Elements of Survival are also in Jesus - Water, Air, Food, Light and Fire. #bgbg2


We all need water to drink for thirst. After all, our bodies and the earth is made up of mostly water. Jesus came and shared He is the living water and if we have it we will not thirst. (Spiritual thirst)

Living water verses (small list)

  • John 7:38
  • Jeremiah 2:13
  • John 4
  • Zechariah 14:8

Water was used to bring judgment on the Earth in Noah’s time and even in Mose’s time where He split the waters for the chosen and let it go on those not.


We need air aka oxygen to live too. It is what we breath.

Breath of Life – The Ark was a symbol of the saving power of Jesus, those inside were saved, those outside were not able to breathe and drowned. Only those inside the Ark had the Breath of Life.


We all need substance a.k.a. food to live. A lot of times when you hear the word bread, it could have often literally referred to bread, and sometimes food in general. Jesus said He was the Bread of life. If we Have Him, we will never hunger. (Spiritual hunger)

In the Exodus, God fed the chosen with manna a.k.a. bread like substance. Plus bread was used for the Lord supper too.

Bread of life (verses)

  • John 6:35
  • John 6:48
  • John 6:51


We need light for survival. Without light we cannot see. Light was The first thing God created because darkness was over the world. Light does a lot of stuff and I’ve done prior blog post on that like …

There are a lot of benefits to light!

Light of the world (verses)

  • John 8:12
  • John 9:5


Fire often was used to warm and cook. Yes, fire can be found in Jesus.

Jesus also used fire to protect the Hebrew kids in the fiery furnace. There’s another in the fire.

At the end of times no matter your point of eschatology the earth will be set a fire and that is to purify and cleanse the earth.

Fire will also be used for final judgment on those who deny Christ … Lake of Fire with an eternal separation from Christ. Here you will thirst, being torture and torment.

With out these elements we will die. Jesus provides these spiritually so we may live eternally with Him in Heaven!

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