If you couldn’t lie what would you do differently?

If you couldn’t lie – How different do you think you would be or live if you could not tell a single lie. You always told the truth!

If you couldn’t lie what would you do differently?

If you couldn't lie what would you do differently?

I got me a pack of 5 Gum and it had truth or dares on it. One of them was this very question, about if you couldn’t lie. This is the very question it asked.

If you couldn’t lie for 24 hours what would you do differently?

Let’s not only extend this to 24 hours, but what if we were given a special gift where we couldn’t lie period for the rest of our life. How differently would we live or would we still live the way we are living now? Would we be arrogant like Jim Carry in Liar, Liar? Or what if our nose grew when we told a lie like Pinocchio. Or would we use this gift given by God as a benefit to His glory?

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If you just said, well this won’t apply to me, I don’t lie! Well, I honestly do believe we all have told a lie at least once if not a whole bunch more. We might call some of them twisting the truth? But isn’t that still a lie? If you have to twist it, isn’t that twisted in itself? A twisted truth is not an absolute truth at all.

Lie Words

  • deceive
  • bare false witness
  • no truth or untruth or untrue
  • false or falsehood or deal falsely
  • inaccuracy
  • wrongful
  • vain
  • cheat

Breaking One of the 10 Commandments

Did you know lying is breaking one of the 10 Commandments? See Leviticus 19:11 &ampExodus 20:16. It’s the 9th Commandment. Lying is also giving a false witness to someone. This one is toward the end, so that means this commandment can deal with both with man and God. Remember when we sin against man, we also sin against God too.

God Detest Lies

It even tells us the LORD hates, detest lairs, it is actually an abomination to Him. See Proverbs 12:22. Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight. Not LORD, usually the “ORD” is a smaller cap while the “L” is a bigger cap. Giving the most Holy name to God, YHWH, or Yahweh (FYI the Biblical Hebrew has no vowels, only consonant letters).  Even throughout the Book of Proverbs it talks about lying and being dishonest. Proverbs is a good book to read. It has 31 chapters in it. Enough to read one chapter per day for 31 days. The 31 Day Proverbs Challenge it is called.

Father of Lies

Even in John, the Bible tells us the devil is the father of lies. That is his native language. So when you lie, you are of the devil. That makes lying sound so good now doesn’t it? Do you want to be known as the devils child? I don’t think so! See John 8:44.  Even in Acts 5:3, Satan filled Ananias heart with lies to deceive. See Satan You Are the Father.

Greatest Lie Ever Told?

But the greatest lie ever told I would have to say is when the devil told Eve, surely you will not die! Found in Genesis 3:4. This lead to the fall of man.  She believed the serpent, known as, the devil’s lie. She took of the forbidden fruit.

Lies can be good?

Maybe sometimes a lie can be good? What about the harlot from Jericho. She lied about the spies and hid them. We all know the story about how the walls came down and her and her household was saved because she listed to what God told her to do. See Walls of Jericho.

What would I do?

Now that I talked about lies in the Bible.  Now how would I live different? I am not totally sure. This would be something I guess I know what I would say, but if it happened, it may have a different outcome.  I hope that if I had this gift where I couldn’t lie, I would be able to help win others to Christ and always be honest no matter what.  I am glad to God knows my heart. He even knows my thoughts before I say them. He also gives us the Holy Spirit to empower and guide us too. I do know one thing, God sure does correct those He loves, even if it was a little white lie, a twisted lie or blown out lie. He will chastise those He loves. Not only with lies by anything that goes against what He commands us to do.

I want to hear from you. So what do you think you would do differently if you couldn’t lie for 24 hours or even the rest of your life?


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