I am Follower: Exploring Leonard Sweet’s Paradigm-Shifting Book

I am Follower: Exploring Leonard Sweet’s Paradigm-Shifting Book – At the core of “I am Follower” lies Sweet’s impassioned plea for a genuine transformation in the lives of Christians. He boldly confronts the prevailing cultural Christianity that often reduces faith to a passive consumerist mindset. Sweet argues that being a follower of Jesus requires a radical shift in perspective, a paradigm change that goes beyond mere Sunday worship and nominal belief. The Way, The Truth and Life of following Jesus.

I am Follower: Exploring Leonard Sweet’s Paradigm-Shifting Book

My wife wife and I listened to this audiobook during our commute on the Libby App.

From Fan to Follower:

Sweet masterfully dissects the difference between being a fan of Jesus and becoming a devoted follower. He highlights the pervasive influence of our celebrity culture, where people often idolize their favorite stars without truly understanding or emulating their values. Similarly, he challenges Christians to move beyond a superficial fandom of Jesus, advocating for an authentic, life-transforming relationship with Him.

Embracing the Dance of the Trinity:

One of the captivating aspects of “I am Follower” is Sweet’s exploration of the Trinitarian nature of God and its implications for discipleship. He invites readers to engage in a dynamic dance with the triune God, emphasizing the need for deep intimacy and connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By doing so, Sweet suggests that believers can experience the transformative power of God’s love and participate in His redemptive mission.

The Follower’s DNA:

Sweet unveils what he refers to as the “Follower’s DNA,” a set of characteristics and practices that mark a true disciple. Drawing inspiration from the life of Jesus and the early church, he outlines seven essential traits that should shape the lives of followers: listening, loving, leading, learning, linking, leveraging, and living. Each attribute is intricately woven into the fabric of discipleship, providing a practical roadmap for believers seeking to live out their faith authentically.

Reimagining Church and Community:

“I am Follower” also challenges traditional notions of church and community, urging readers to reimagine and reshape these vital aspects of Christian life. Sweet encourages followers to create environments that foster meaningful relationships, collaboration, and the pursuit of God’s kingdom here on earth. He explores the concept of “epicenters” – hubs of discipleship and mission where believers gather to worship, learn, and engage in transformative acts of service.


The term “paradigm” refers to a framework or model that shapes our understanding of a particular subject or field. It encompasses a set of beliefs, theories, practices, and assumptions that form the basis of a discipline or area of study. Paradigms provide a way to organize and interpret information, guide research and problem-solving, and influence the overall perspective within a specific domain. Changes in paradigms often result in shifts in scientific or intellectual thought, leading to new approaches and understandings.


“I am Follower” is a compelling and eye-opening book that provokes readers to reconsider their commitment to Christ and what it truly means to follow Him. Leonard Sweet’s passionate writing, combined with his deep theological insights and practical guidance, makes this book a must-read for anyone desiring to go beyond mere religious affiliation and embrace the radical call of discipleship. By embracing the “Follower’s DNA” and surrendering to the transformative dance of the Trinity, readers will find themselves propelled into a life of purpose, love, and mission.

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