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Henkelmann Life Science Collection

Full of animals that have been taxidermy. This was free and inside of the Cumberland Inn Museum. All kinds of animals, lions, beavers, bears, deer and more. This is of the Henkelmann Life Science Collection. Maybe a great science lesson for the children on animals and life.

Life Science Collection

Life Science Collection

I saw this museum while I was in Williamsburg, Kentucky visiting Kentucky Splash. Since this is free, take the family and let them see all kinds of stuffed real animals.

Yet another great and wonderful place to each your children about the Creation.

This magnificent display contains hundreds of specimens ranging from the petite short-tailed Shrew to the gigantic Polar Bear, procured by Henry and Mary Henkelmann on expeditions from Africa to the Artic. The animals are displayed in surroundings created to match their natural habitats. A visit to this great exhibit fosters an appreciation of the beauty of life.1

My daughter is 16 and she enjoyed this exhibit. She also enjoys science.

So take your family to Cumberland Inn Museum and see this display. Cumberland Inn Museum is adjacent to the Williamsburg McDonald’s off of Exit 11 from I-75.

1. Cumberlandinn.com/museum/

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