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Haymaker Farms Restaurant Review (Harroage, TN)

Haymaker Farms Restaurant Review (Harroage, TN) – This place I believe has the best cat fish and brisket. If you are going to the Cumberland Gap Tunnel or by the Tri-State area this just might be the stop for you to eat at.

Haymaker Farms Restaurant

Let’s take a trip to the Tri-State area in Harrogate, TN for this weeks Travel Thursday.

Haymaker Farm Resturant (Catfish, Brisket, Mac and Cheese, Baked Beans)

Haymaker Farms (Haymaker’s for short), is one of my most favorite places to eat. They have the best Cat Fish and Brisket! They have yummy baked beans too. Their mac and cheese is good too. It is like your normal mac and cheese, but it is cheesy. They are located in Harrogate, TN. Just near the Tri-State area. (Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia). They are not too far from the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and near Lincoln Memorial University (LMU).

You might have a hard time finding them off Highway 25E, as they are behind the Hardee’s.

I always get the Cat Fish and Brisket combo. I get Baked Beans and Mac and Cheese as my sides. Oh yea, the hush puppies are yummy too. I was never big on hush puppies, but I do like Haymaker’s crinkle cut fries. I am not big on crinkle cut fries.

They also have a variety of bbq sauces to pick from. I usually mix them together. (Sweet Sauce, Spicy Sauce, Extra Spicy Sauce and Cattlemans).

They have a nice semi-rustic look inside. They staff has been very friendly every time I have gone in. I have freq

They have a frequent dining card you can get punched to ear a free meal.

I didn’t get anything for this review. I did this review on my own.

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