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Half Full? or Half Empty?

This Zaxby's Cup got me thinking, it reads half full? or Half Empty? Then it tells you an idea. Check out what that is and some ideas on that solution.

Half Full or Half Empty? Problem Solved Just Refill! This is what was on my cup from Zaxby’s in Jefferson City Tennessee on Sunday, January 31.

Half Full? or Half Empty? Just Refill

An optimist will say the cup is half full. An optimist believes in more favorable outcomes. They believe good over does evil.

While the pessimist will say the cup is half empty. A pessimist believes bad will always happen. They believe that evil will always out do good. As you can see two different view points.

Do you feel like you are half full or even half empty, I like what this cup says to do do as the solution … Just Refill!

Zaxby's Cup - Half Full? Half Empty? Problem Solved! Just Refill! Cup
Zaxby’s Cup – Half Full? or Half Empty? Problem Solved! Just Refill! Cup

Just Refill! Yes, we must refill ourselves spiritually too. What do we need to refill on? We need to refill on the Word of God. Get into His Word! Read It! Study It! Memorize It! Share It!

We need to fill up on fellowship and and worship. We can get recharged and fill up on this too. Fellow brother and sisters edify and sharping each other. Proverbs 27:17 tells us.

We can refill ourselves by taking time to talk to God, known as prayer. We have a personal relationship with Him. He wants us to come to Him.

There are so many ways we can refill (or recharge) ourselves with God. He is a constant source. God can fill us up with out Him ever lacking. His supply is limitless. God provides all our needs.

When we refill … we will fill both the half empty and half full cup. (No matter how you look at it.) With the cup being full again, we have refilled ourselves to be able to do more for God. With the cup being full we don’t have to worry if the cup is half full or half empty, because the cup is full.

Perhaps the cup is overflowing. When our cup over runs we should share that access to others, we are called to share the gospel to everyone! When the cup overflows that means we have in excess. When God blesses us with an abundance, He expects us to share it with others.

So when you see that your cup is half full or half empty, depending on how you look at it, just refill that cup and the problem is solved.


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