Gospel Balloon Release

Today at church I learned of a new way to deliver gospel tracts or Gospel of Johns. That is using a helium balloon. Our Team Kid/Team Youth, that make of the Dance Praise Team, did a gospel balloon release today right before they did a dance performance at the church.

Gospel Balloon Release
Gospel Balloon Release

Great idea: I thought this is a great way to spread the gospel using tracts and Gospel of John’s, because it is in God’s hands on who will need that. These balloons can travel anywhere. God controls the weather, wind, etc. So God will land these in the hands of who needs them. I plan to do that with some tracts and Gospel of John’s that I have.

Going the distance: Talking to Amanda, the Praise Dance Team instructor at our church said she got the idea from a balloon they found. A Church in Chattanooga did one and they found it near them. That is about 2 hours and 10 minutes away. About 143 miles apart.

Brief Instructions: You can get maybe one or more helium balloons. Sandwich baggies. You can put either a Gospel Tract, Invitation to your church, words of encouragement, a Bible Verse, and/or a Gospel of John inside the baggie. You may want to include a way for them to contact you back, maybe your church and they can write your church saying they found the tract or Gospel of John. Attach the baggie to the balloon. Make sure the balloon isn’t too weighted down. Then you can do a release, you can release just that one or you can have a group of people release several balloons.

Prayer: One key thing, please pray over the balloons before they are released. Pray for God to deliver them in the hands of people that will need them. Prayer is very important in everything we do.

Release: Then release them.

Question time: Have you did a gospel balloon release? If so I want to hear from you. How well did it go. How far did one of your balloons go? How many balloons did you release at one time? Please share your experiences and your tips along with this.

I plan to give this a try and see how it goes. I will place some Gospel of John’s inside and release and see where they end up. So subscribe to my blog so you can get the latest on the Gospel Ballon Release. You can subscribe as I will post more an more about sharing your faith and tools to help such as gospel tracts and much more post that I feel God has led me to share with you, my readers.

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