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Special Valentine Still Up

A Special Valentine that my daughter gave me three years ago, is still up above my door way of my bedroom so I can see it every time I leave my bedroom.

A Special Valentine was given to me.

A Special Valentine

This was given to me 3 years ago, 2013, from my beautiful daughter.

My daughter was 14 then, she is 17 now. I put it above my door of my bedroom, so I will see it every day as I leave my bedroom. Three years later, that Valentine still is in its place. My daughter is a true blessing from God.

It is very special to me because it was made by my daughter for me. She gave this to me on Valentine’s Day 2013. Homemade things are much better than anything else.

Special Valentine
Now that I shared with you a special valentine that I got, I want to wish everyone of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Remember Jesus showed the greatest love that anyone can. He bleed and died on the cross to save us, those who accept Him and repent of their sins.


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