Does Jesus Know You Vs Do You Know Jesus

Does Jesus Know You Vs Do You Know Jesus. I saw a woman in Morristown, TN with a cross and a sign saying Does Jesus Know You? I thought about that for a moment and came back quickly with, the sign should read Do You Know Jesus? So what is the difference between the sign she has and the sign I would have?

Does Jesus Know You Vs Do You Know Jesus

My thinking with Does Jesus Know You? is the fact the Bible already tells us that Jesus knows us. So my thinking went to Do You Know Jesus? I am using a hypothetical if I was in her place doing what she is doing.

Does Jesus Know You Vs Do You Know Jesus

Does Jesus Know You?

When you ask Does Jesus Know You? you are asking people if Jesus knows they exists. Christians should already know that He knew us before we were born. These Bible Verses, Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:13, Psalm 71:6 and Isaiah 49:15, tells us that He knew us and formed us in our mother’s womb. So the answer is a clear, Yes! Jesus Knows You!

Jesus knows all about us. He is all knowing, Omniscient. If He didn’t know who you were, Christ wouldn’t be all knowing.

Do Non-Christians know this? Maybe that is her line of thought. I am not sure. The only way to know for sure is to ask her about her sign.



Do You Know Jesus?

With the sign I would have up if I was her, would be Do You Know Jesus?  I would ask this because the Bible tells us if we know Jesus, we will obey His commands (See John 14:15-31). The Bible also tells us we know His voice and we follow Him. (See John 10:27-30). So if we do not obey His commands we do not know Him. That would also mean we do not hear His voice and follow Him. See When Sheep Go Astray.

We also must know Jesus intimately. It is a deep relationship with Him, not a religion! We must put our total trust and surrender to Him and Him Alone! Everything we do and say must be Christ-Centered.

The Difference

I believe the difference would be one is asking if Jesus knows you and the other is asking if you know Jesus. Jesus knows us. He even knows the very number of hairs on our head, saved or unsaved. However, not everyone knows Jesus! Some may think they know Jesus, but they really just know of Jesus.

We also must realize even Satan and the demons know Jesus as well. Plus, even Jesus knows Satan and the demons.


When Sheep Go Astray


Tell me what do you think about these two different ideas. Your comments are welcome.


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