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While eating lunch with my daughter I was talking to people behind me about Jefferson City 4th of July parade.

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It seems no one knows much about the parade. It also seems it is not well known. Where it starts and ends etc. All I know it was today at 2 pm, from the signs they put out. Thanks to this couple, we figured out where we needed to be for this parade.

Watching the Jefferson City 4th of July parade I can see why. I would guess a couple hundred or less in downtown area to watch. Plus the parade seems all political. People running for office and area fire and rescue. The parade only lasted maybe 10 to 15 minutes total.

Anyways back to my topic. Come to find out he is a a city councilman. He told me there possibly could be two positions open up for this coming election. He said most of the time the people run unopposed. I told him I’ll have to pray fully consider this. He said he would love to see young people getting involved in the City Council.

I had never even thought about running for any type of office, but it did get me thinking though …

I guess I see why God didn’t direct me to the place I had planned to spend my day. I believe the conversion with this councilman and seeing the Jefferson City 4th of July parade was His plan.

This couple I was talking to, he later told me he is currently a councilman for the city and has already served 2 terms, that is 8 years. He said he doesn’t feel like running for another term.He told me his name was Ray Cain. They asked me my name, so they can look for it on a future ballet. I did tell them, it would be something I need to prayerful consider.

Seeing how this parade was and not knowing much about it maybe a young Christian male influence with help promote it better. Maybe to help start a revival in this city maybe they need a Christian person in the City Council. To help give a Christian point of view. Maybe that point will help turn around this city.

Usually your small cities, like Jefferson City the downtown area is thriving still. Jefferson City, is almost like a ghost town, mostly closed businesses, but it seems like it is slowing picking up.

I think we all need more Christian values back into our government, especially ones not ashamed to say they have Christian beliefs and would put that into the office with them.

This just brings me to ask, If you live in the Jefferson City, TN and you’re registered to vote. I’m asking if I was to start a petition would you sign it? Also if I pass through the petition and ran would you vote for me? As for me I’m not political I don’t keep up with governmental stuff. I really wouldn’t know how to do it. All I know is if I didn’t and God wanted me there He would find a way for me to being there. But, my generation and younger is the future of this city. Even the future for our state, as well as, other states and even our Nation.

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  1. Decisions the newest my help with Billy Graham made me think a little bit more about running again for this. It didn’t hit me until I went to early voting and saw the city Council for Jefferson City on the ballot. It told you to pick two people. I picked one person and wrote myself as a write-in.

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